resort 600x800300dpi-resort-cropCall it Cruise, call it Resort, we call it a vacation from the dark days of winter. And even when you cannot call it quits to the cold outside and land yourself on a beach in some tropical paradise with a beach boy fanning your tanned body… you can liven up your mood, your wardrobe, and your look by adding colors that make you feel like the bombshell that you are.

The color trend to try for 2016 is Batik. Referred to as Blue Hydrangea, Ocean, or simply Blue. Why we love it? Think about denim. Yes, that favorite pair of jeans or denim jacket. Why does denim work with just about everything? Because it’s really a neutral. Batik works exactly the same way – effortlessly working with so many other colors.

Explore why we are bonkers for blue this season!


Resort finds Stella in a relaxed mood influenced by a combination of the timeless and updated cool.








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The Color Trend You Need To Know in 2016

The color trend to try for 2016 is Batik. Referred to as Blue Hydrangea, Ocean, or simply Blue.


Top 5 Outerwear Looks For Winter

outerwear-600x600.jpgOuterwear is a particular highlight as we move into winter. Noteworthy styles with treatments in boiled wool, rich deep reds, and a stunning powder blue to black Ombre highlight the uniqueness of this category. The cocooning comfort of the Wrap Up Coat is on trend. The overwhelming impression, though, is one of a new softness, and a heightened understanding of what might feel good to a woman to wear.

A special fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and intelligence go into creating such fine attention to detail that these pieces could easily be worn inside out. In the end, the big takeaway:

There is grace and beauty to be found in comfort.


Five Perfect Coats for the Season

Coats are to winter what dresses are to summer – a.k.a. the most essential part of your wardrobe. That means you should have more than one! So we’re bringing you 5 of the best styles to keep you warm (and looking cool) all season long.

From more structured versions, to softer ones with fabric to spare, these picks will keep you on point all season.

jacket-blog600x250intuition coat.jpg



Runway Report: Outerwear + Spring Sneak Peek

Stella Carakasi showed her Fall/Winter 2015 and glimpses of her Spring/Summer 2016 collections at San Francisco Fashion Week™ 2015. The sold-out event was received by a sparkling crowd of Bay Area fashion enthusiasts.

The vibe on the runway from Stella was put-together polish, mixed with unique fabric combinations and architectural silhouettes. Models and onlookers gushed, “I want to take this home, NOW.”

The word INTENTION has been a large part of Stella’s design process. Stella reflects, “The collection is a result from an extensive study of the various, realistic female shapes. It is not about age, nor about body type but instead we celebrate what is and accept it as perfect, beautiful and unique. The designs are a result of the profound love for experimentation with exclusive materials, often realized in natural and organic fibers with the soft hued colors of nature. This collection is aimed at those who love freedom, self-expression and who are not afraid of breaking preconceived molds.”


The Pragmatic Vest modeled at San Francisco Fashion Week.


The Notorious Sweater shines on the runway.


Classic beauty. The Envelop Yourself Coat over the Signify Sweater shows how the black & white trend is done.


The Much Ado Vest looked striking on the runway.


Stella Carakasi (shown above) shows her designs at San Francisco Fashion Week. Images by: Claudia Alexandra Nuta @ for #SFFAMA

Special thanks to San Francisco Fashion WeekDZine and photographer Claudia Alexandra Nuta.

[ Images by: Claudia Alexandra Nuta @ for #SFFAMA @ | © 2015 All Rights Reserved ]

In case you are just joining us, my name is Yarra, I am the Director of Customer Engagement at Stella Carakasi. Stella Carakasi designs for many body shapes in each collection she creates (she designs 8 collections a year). The Looks For Every Body series has been created to explore the different body-positive looks that can be put together from our seasonal collections.


Joan Miró’s Painting (The Bullfight)

Black and white clothing is a love affair of mine. The distinctiveness of a limited palette is timeless and always has the allure of the new. I love it in photography, in drawings and in paintings such as  Joan Miró’s, Painting (The Bullfight). In clothing it works in much the same way. It is always current, always classic and even a bit edgy.

There is great freedom in keeping it simple: black and white clothing works as a wardrobe staple to mix with other clothing or to wear with any accessories. I love the aspect of a blank canvas that one can have with a crisp white sweater. When I look back on the best of’s in my closet, the top ten include at least four black and white items. Find yourself a classic today from Stella’s latest collection.

invert-triangle_jan17Inverted Triangle: A round neckline on an inverted triangle body shape softens the silhouette by minimizing the angularity of the shoulders. Layer the Aspirations Sweater (shown in white) over the Ready to Wear Leggings (available in black). This basic look is an easy go to for weekends and travel. Top with a necklace that echoes the neckline of the sweater.

rectangle_jan17Rectangle: We often talk about adding curves to this body shape. This time around the outfit adds flair! The Get Inspired Shirt (shown in black) is a combination of cotton poplin and jersey. The tension of these two fabrics is fantastic because the poplin creates a crisp line and the jersey adds movement and sexiness to the blouse. Wear over Stella’s new ponte knit Stepping Out Leggings. An inverted seam detail running through the center of the pant defines this pant by adding structure to a legging.

circle_jan17Circle: Adding color blocking over a tunic and leggings gives a fun and updated look. For the circle figure, the cropped pattern on top of a black silhouette lengthens the figure. The pattern that Stella has chosen for the Take it Easy Sweater shows influences of modern art and textile mastery. Pair the sweater with the contemporary Made You Look Tunic (shown in black) and the ever popular Ready to Wear Leggings (available in black).

triangle_jan17Triangle: Adding layers to the top two thirds of the figure balances the triangle body shape. The Cloud Cover Tunic (available in print) is a beautiful transparent tunic that looks great on its own or with a topper such as the Balancing Act Cardigan (shown in black). Wear over the  Stepping Out Leggings (available in black) and the look is a perfect mix of flow and structure.

DRESS32Hourglass: A dress is an effortless style for the hourglass body shape. Stella’s Between The Lines Dress (available in print) hugs the figure and showcases design with the gentle folds of the modern skirt. Accent with a antique finish necklace like the one shown for an artful look. Or this dress can easily be paired with the Take It Easy Sweater or the Balancing Act Cardigan for a more casual look.

I hope that this series helps you gather ideas for dressing. Please share your comments I would love to hear from you! Sometimes design blogs inspire me as more of  jumping off point. What outfits have you discovered from reading this?


Looks for Every Body # 10: A Black & White Story


Yarra here, amazed that we are on the sixth edition of this blog. Thank you to everyone who has been following these posts! The outfits for this week’s post are about an upbeat attitude and finding joy in dressing. With it being cold and gloomy outside, it’s easy to get into a style rut. Mix it up by introducing some color and body positive silhouettes!


Inverted Triangle: The color palette for this outfit was influenced by a lot of combinations I see on the street. I love how the coriander Time Will Tell Cardigan plays off of the statement necklace. Not-so-basic jersey separates, Future Perfect Top (shown in ivory) and the Bottom Line Pants (shown in black), bring together a shape that draws attention to the lower half of the figure. The dolman sleeves of the cardigan also complement the broad shoulders of the inverted triangle.


Rectangle: Creating curves is the goal for a figure that is a bit straight up and down. The Feel Good Tunic (shown in Tuscan rose) instantly does this by adding a swoosh across the neckline and drapes along the torso. Emphasize the line of the tunic even more with a long necklace. Get some street cred with the Modern Mix Jacket (available in black), and you’ll look like you just arrived from a shopping trip in NYC. Stella’s better-than-basic Ready to Wear Leggings (shown in black) provide the perfect foundation for this snappy ensemble.


Circle: Frame your figure in a luxurious knit over body-flattering foundational pieces. The Why Not Cardigan (mélange knit) provides the best of both worlds — coverage and form. Worn over the At Ease Top (shown in black) and the Clear Cut Skirt (shown in mink), this outfit echoes sophistication with each layer. Top it with a necklace and pair with winter boots or heels, and vavoom!


Triangle: For this figure, we know you are sensitive about the bottom half of your body. I’ll say it again: the Slimming Ankle Pants (shown in black) are the answer. These pants feel great and they are tight where the need be, providing support and confidence to those who wear them. Play up the positive with the Over Everything Cardigan (shown in shadow) paired with the Either Way Top (shown in port) and an infinity scarf. Look and feel great in this easy going and stylish look.


Hourglass: Opposites attract with the shape of this outfit. The side slit of the Next in Line Sweater (shown in ash) creates a diagonal line that draws attention to the waist and hem of the Endless Ease Skirt (shown in shiraz). Tie the soft ash tones of the sweater and the bright saturated color of the shiraz skirt with a printed scarf like the one shown by Shawlsmith London.

Bring out your best this season. Feel deeply, breathe and take pictures. Time flies when your having fun!

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Looks for Every Body # 6


Yarra here, continuing with the Looks for Every Body blog series. Viv started the Looks For Every Body series November 1st to show that Stella Carakasi has styles that complement every woman’s shape. This being the fifth in the series I am rediscovering just how versatile Stella’s designs are. What I love is that you can mix and match Stella’s clothes to create new looks with a couple of key pieces.

The key pieces for all body types I find myself using for nearly every fall blog are:
Slimming Ankle Pants
Look Sharp Leggings
Ready to Wear Leggings
Clear Cut Skirt
Either Way Top
These are foundation pieces that you can use to build any outfit no matter what your body shape is.

LFEB_InvTriangleInverted Triangle: I love this outfit, it speaks laid back luxe to me. Perfect for a day at the office or weekend getaway. Pair the Two Way Shrug (shown in jade) over the Sure Thing Tee (shown in ivory). The Sure Thing Tee is so easy to style, with it’s generous length it can be draped as seen here so that it echoes the drape of the Endless Skirt (shown in black). Layered with printed scarf, the silhouette is completed, emphasizing the waist and the texture of the outfit. For this body shape, emphasizing the waist and lower half of the body with architectural shapes creates balance.

LFEB_RecctangleRectangle: This outfit is about the architecture of the Voyager Jacket (shown in black). Worn open it is perfect for a rectangle shape, showing soft folds and framing the body with curves. This is key for rectangle body shapes who want to avoid straight up and down silhouettes. Closed, the subtle inverted hi-low of the jackets hem creates contrast and curves for the rectangle body shape. Layer the Life is Good Top (shown in shiraz) over the Ready to Wear Leggings (shown in black). Top with a minimal necklace, such as the gold one shown and voilà instant chic.

LFEB_CircleThe Circle: Embrace belting and layering. This outfit breaks a lot of the suggestions in our first blog for this body shape. It helps the circle body shape enjoy the tunic trend by adding structure. Here I have paired the Engimatic Tunic (shown in black) over the Slimming Ankle Pants (shown in mink). This somewhat basic outfit has been elevated to fun with an infinity scarf in a pop color and a wrap belt with a touch of  metallic to set off the mink color of the pants. Permission to play with your wardrobe granted!

LFEB_TriangleTriangle: Feminine layers exude confidence and holiday sparkle. The Future Perfect Top (shown in tuscan rose) is layered under the Contrast Cardigan (shown in black). The Contrast Cardigan is constructed with mixed fabrics – jersey gives it flexibility and a clean shape, georgette gives it softness and mystery. Broader shoulders are emphasized with the structure of this cardigan balancing the lower half of the body for the triangle shape. Layered over the Clear Cut Skirt (shown in black) and paired with a multi strand statement necklace this outfit is ready for a day or night out on the town.

LFEB_HourGlassHourglass: Push the edge with this gorgeous outfit. The Laid Back Luxe Vest (shown in citadel) over the Either Way Top (shown in black), creates an edgy yet polished look. The princess seams of the vest lend themselves to showing the hourglass shape of the body. The outfit is completed with the Slimming Ankle Pants (shown in black) and toped with an embellished wool scarf that echoes the georgette layers in the Laid Back Luxe Vest.

Give yourself permission to have fun with how you express yourself with clothes. I find inspiration for dressing everywhere, mostly from our customers. At the end of the day, top your outfit with a smile, it is truly your best accessory.

If you are not smiling already find your bliss and if finding the perfect outfit helps you do that we are here to help.


Looks for Every Body # 5