Top 5 Outerwear Looks For Winter

outerwear-600x600.jpgOuterwear is a particular highlight as we move into winter. Noteworthy styles with treatments in boiled wool, rich deep reds, and a stunning powder blue to black Ombre highlight the uniqueness of this category. The cocooning comfort of the Wrap Up Coat is on trend. The overwhelming impression, though, is one of a new softness, and a heightened understanding of what might feel good to a woman to wear.

A special fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and intelligence go into creating such fine attention to detail that these pieces could easily be worn inside out. In the end, the big takeaway:

There is grace and beauty to be found in comfort.


Five Perfect Coats for the Season

Coats are to winter what dresses are to summer – a.k.a. the most essential part of your wardrobe. That means you should have more than one! So we’re bringing you 5 of the best styles to keep you warm (and looking cool) all season long.

From more structured versions, to softer ones with fabric to spare, these picks will keep you on point all season.

jacket-blog600x250intuition coat.jpg



How To Pull Off The Oversized Sweater Look

The points of the sweater paired with the Slimming Ankle Pants balance the silhouette, and make the waist appear smaller.

Did someone say sweater weather? Yes please! We’re thinking cable knit details, soft cashmere, and ponchos. We love the oversized sweater look for fall. Nearly every body type can pull off this fashionable and cozy look.

4 tips for picking the perfect oversized sweater this fall

1. Get to the point: Choosing a sweater with points will create drama and the illusion of a smaller waist.
2. Build height: An asymmetrical hem elongates the body to appear taller and leaner.
3. The Bottom Line: The bigger your sweater, the leaner the pant leg. We want contrast. Try a ponte leggingSlimming Ankle Pants, or try a superstretch pant like the Define Yourself Ankle Pants.
4. Try A Trend: The poncho is a dramatic and trendy look this season. Use it as a fun way to keep this look fresh.

Get The Look Tunic and Slimming Ankle Pants
Asymmetrical Poncho with Define Yourself Ankle Pants

Looks for Every Body # 9: Fresh Looks!

Yarra here, reflecting on who we want to be when we dress. It is something I have been musing about this week after reading the following quote from Cate Blanchett: “For a lot of women, clothes don’t reflect who they are – but who they want to be.” This is relatable to me because often I take the fake-it-until-you-make-it approach. Somehow dressing nicely and being put together makes me feel better even when I’m tired or fighting a cold.

The Looks for Every Body series shows how Stella Carakasi designs for everybody. In the Stella Studio I hear a lot of women say “Oh, you have to be tall and skinny to wear these clothes.” This series is to show how women of any shape and size can look fabulous in Stella’s designs! These clothes are much more about an attitude of confidence than of fitting into a rigid mold.

Inverted_TriangleeditInverted Triangle: For all body shapes you want to play up your assets. Your gams have the goods in our Ready to Wear Leggings (available in black). Try layering a denim skirt over the leggings for a funky look and top with Stella’s mood elevating Feel Good Tunic (shown in black). Enjoy this outfit on the weekends or during a busy commute. Accessories such as the handmade chain and a pair of wedges will also instantly elevate this easy going outfit.


Rectangle: It’s back! One of our all time favorite styles the Tiburon Tunic (shown in white)! For the rectangle body shape this is an excellent choice to add drama to your form. Belt the Tiburon Tunic  and wear with the Reality Check Ankle Pants (available in black) and you will have a very updated Audrey Hepburn look.

Circle3editCircle: For the circle body shape the Life is Good Top (shown in citron) is both flattering and easy to wear. This beauty of a high low top has an adorable satin trim detail on the back. It flows and layers with ease over the Incomparable Ankle Pants (available in black). Add a statement necklace such as the one shown and you are ready to imagine a Roman Holiday.

Triangle2editTriangle: For the triangle body shape think modern: clean design and smart layering. The Aspirations Sweater (shown in white) sets the tone for this clean monochromatic look. Layer the Skirt the Issue (available in black) over the Ready to Wear Leggings (available in black) and you have sleek layers to complement any tunics in your wardrobe. Add a transparent scarf like the one shown over a white sweater showcasing tonal variation.

Hourglass2editHourglass: Is it a dress? That’s what customers ask about the Cloud Cover Tunic (available in print). It does read like a short dress, leggings or opaque tights are needed for taller body types. The shape is that of an exaggerated tank with a handkerchief hem line. The beautiful sumi-ink motif print floats effortlessly over an anti-pill jersey lining. Wear over Stella’s latest ponte knit Stepping Out Leggings (available in black). Add a little bling and you will look fabulous darling!

My hope is that the clothes we wear make us feel more confident and relaxed in our own skin so that we can go out in the world and accomplish the amazing tasks in our lives. On the Stella Carakasi team and in our customers, I meet amazing women every day who work extremely hard to make this world a better place. Thank you for your hard work, it makes a huge difference.

Holiday Looks for Every Body # 4

Yarra here, on the this busy holiday week with Looks for Every Body. Let’s get a little holiday glam on this week with Stella’s beautiful Fall styles. Feel stylish effortlessly with a little help from your friends here at Stella Carakasi!

LFEB_2The Inverted Triangle: The Profile Shirt (shown in platinum) creates soft drapes at the hem line, giving just enough coverage to highlight your gams in Stella’s well-loved Ready to Wear Leggings (shown in black). And, be sure to top it with a gorgeous necklace — I personally love rose gold with the platinum color of the shirt!

LFEB_3The Rectangle: Add more curves with the Works Every Time Sweater (shown in frost) and the Endless Ease Skirt (shown in shiraz). You’ll love the combination of knit and jersey that wears and travels without fuss. A silver, multi-strand necklace accentuates the knit detail of the sweater and gives the outfit even more polish.

LFEB_1The Circle: Make an impression with the Perfect Compliment Jacket (available in shiraz only). You will feel at ease as you rush from shopping to holiday parties in this fabulous ensemble. Under the jacket, the Statement Top (shown in dakota) is the perfect high low to go with the Incomparable Pants (shown in shadow). Wear a mid-length minimalist necklace like the 28″ gold one shown, and you are ready for some fun!

LFEB_4The Triangle: Work it baby! That’s what your friends will be saying when they see you coming in this stylish duo. The Just Enough Top (shown in shiraz) over the Clear Cut Skirt (shown in black) is flattering in all the right places. Let a great statement peak out from behind the mandarin collar of the blouse, and you are set for success!

LFEB_5The Hourglass: This is a party look for sure that looks great with a variety of coats thrown over it. The Sign Me Up Top (available in black only) is over a sleek black camisole; this also looks great over bright colors too, for a more graphic-inspired look. Wear it with my favorite the Look Sharp Leggings, and you will look elegant and up to date. Pair this outfit with a little bit of bling at the neckline to radiate your beautiful face 🙂

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season. Celebrate in style this year!

Love Your Positives

Vivian here sharing more thoughts about our Looks for Every Body campaign –

Womens Figure

You may be asking why in the world would we touch a “taboo” subject like women’s body types? After much discussion about how women experience their bodies over time, I always return to a few simple truths: 1) we know we are aging, 2) we appreciate the wisdom, but not the wrinkles, and 3) we are really great at hating our “faults”, and we really suck at lovin’ our “positives.”

Yes, and unfortunately we are not perfect anymore. But neither were we born that way, mind you. And if you remember back to when we were younger, we also hated our faults then. Over time, we’ve just learned to appreciate what we had way back when.

Oh well.

When I was 28 and saw wrinkles above my knees for the first time, I got depressed. At 35 when I realized my boobs were not quite as perky and my butt started sagging, I had a hissy fit. Following my second child at 40, I pouted because my stomach became forever pouchy. And at 45, I’ve come to terms with the laws of gravity, but now have changed my focus to hating every white hair that thrives on my head.

Clearly I have yet to learn how to appreciate what I have NOW, so I invite you all into the new practice of LOVIN’ our POSITIVES! Gravity is here to stay, so why not do as Yarra says — if it’s dull outside (in this case, inside), just put on some SPARKLE and GLAM it up!!

Next steps: 1) Figure out your body type (you may be in between two), 2) claim your positives, and 3) dress ’em up and flaunt them (y’all know what I mean)!! Be sure to check out the weekly Looks for Every Body posts and style boards that were designed to help you do just that. SNAP SNAP!! And SNAP!!

Looks for Every Body #1

It’s Yarra here with some outfit ideas to accentuate the positives for every body. Here’s to looking great and feeling great this Fall!

inv triangle

The Inverted Triangle

Stella’s Feel Good Tunic does just that — it’s an instant remedy for the style “blahs.” For the Inverted Triangle body shape, the drape of this tunic plays up your assets! Your shape is perfect to carry the drape of this tunic. Larger shoulders are minimized by the subtle fabric manipulations that form a diagonal across the chest and midsection. The Slimming Ankle Pants serve as great foundation wear for any body shape.


The Rectangle

The twist of the Strike a Pose Sweater  creates more curves for the Rectangle body shape. The melange knit provides texture and vertical lines on the front of the body, which adds curves geometrically. The Either Way Top serves as a feminine layering piece. The Bottom Line Ankle Pants pulls this look together by adding movement and volume, emphasizing the waist as the focal point of the outfit.


The Circle

Embrace the curves of the Circle and highlight the positives! The Street Smart Jacket with its subtle hi-low works to elongate the figure and balance volume in the center of the body. The Clear Cut Skirt creates a clean foundation that also compliments the texture and flair of the jacket. By layering over the Just Enough Top, the waist line is broken and attention is focused on the sophistication of the ensemble.


The Triangle

In this outfit, the Clear Cut Skirt is used as a shaper for the silhouette. I think of this skirt as a secret weapon: it conceals lumps and bumps like magic! Feminine draping is introduced with the Future Perfect Top. The waist is highlighted with the Two Way Shrug, shown here with a shawl collar.


The Hourglass

The Works Dress is fantastic for an Hourglass shape. While many people think an hourglass shape can wear anything, it is important not to hide your proportions. Hourglass figures should choose outfits that do not overwhelm. Love the Works Dress and you’re not an hourglass? Create the illusion of an hourglass by belting or layering with a vest or leather jacket. Layering with a vest or jacket and leaving the top layer open frames an hourglass for any figure.

What challenges do you have when dressing for Fall with your body shape? I find I am always cold, and when I layer up too much, I can look frumpy because my waist gets hidden. I add warmth by wearing sleek layers like Stella’s Look Sharp Leggings with sweaters and jackets. These pants help me channel my style!

Please share your tips and triumphs. What items in your closet help you channel your style?

~ Yarra