New Direction – Customer Focused

Part Three Of A New Series: A letter from Designer, Stella Carakasi:

Now that we have launched our new Direct to Consumer business model we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!

stella photoblog-3-2-tinyWe love and value your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our work. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we have touched your lives and made a difference in how you feel showing up in the world dressed in comfortable clothing that accentuates your unique beauty while supporting social and environmental change.

We are a fashion company that is using technology versus a technology company that produces fashion.

In our ever faster-moving world that is technology dominated, it never fails to amaze me that even young clothing companies have to “mask” themselves as being “tech” in order to succeed. I value technology, but I also value nature, the true artistry of design, high quality, mindfulness, intention, and the wide spectrum of beauty.

We believe that great companies are built one customer at a time, one relationship at a time. We are dedicated to helping you build the best “wearable” wardrobe you’ve ever had– and it doesn’t stop with your most recent purchase. We are centered on longevity and bringing value to your life every time you wear Stella Carakasi.

I invite you to sign up to be the first to learn about live product launches, fashion shows, community events and more!  Check out some of this season’s highlights:

Look for more exciting news, including opportunities for feedback and involvement. We’re in this together! Thank you for supporting what we do.


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Spring Style Event: Don’t Miss a Moment!

The team here at Stella Carakasi is excited to invite you to our Spring Style Event! We have customer-models walking the runway, delicious d’oeuvres, and a very special guest. We’ve created a handy guide for you to reference so you don’t miss a moment of our special event.


5-6PM Nosh & Mingle, Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

We have teamed up with Whole Foods Market to provide bites and beauty tips for Spring! Here is a sneak peek:

Three Steps to Glowing Skin

Tips for Rosy Cheeks & Lips

Anti-Aging Skincare

Pro-Tip: Be sure to check out the skincare demo from Evanhealy. The first 50 guests will receive beauty goody bags from Whole Foods Market!


6-7PM Spring Fashion Show

This Spring we are gathering inspiration from women who inspire us to be our best selves and encourage an air of whimsy. In this spirit, we are honored to introduce our special guest, author Alysia Helming. Through her her debut best-selling novel PROTOGENESIS she shares her imaginative world of Greek mythology seen through the eyes of her protagonist HeleneWe have crafted the perfect nod to her literary talent and the Spring season with our exclusive Protogenesis look inspired by Alysia’s book.  

Pro-Tip: Check out the preview of the “Protogena Jewelry Line” created by ANATOL, available on April 10th.


7-8PM Book Signing with Alysia Helming

Get a chance to meet Alysia Helming and have her sign your copy of PROTOGENESIS!

RSVP for Free Here

See you there!

Refresh – Recharge – Inspire!

Come away with us for an evening of fashion and enchantment as we show you our freshest new looks for Spring! Designer Stella Carakasi and novelist Alysia Helming 
celebrate a journey of discovery and transformation in an evening of collaboration through art and design at the Spring Style Event.

Alysia Helming, author of the novel PROTOGENESIS the first in a series: Protogena Chronicles crafts a young adult fantasy romance set in modern Greece, where ancient mythology and science fiction unite. Get to meet Alysia in person at an exclusive book signing session! 

Taking inspiration from her tale of female empowerment and mythology Stella created a unique look that channels the spirit of PROTOGENESIS.  Also, get an exclusive first-look at the Protogena Jewelry Line” created by ANATOL, available on April 10th.

Showcasing the best of her Spring 2017 Collection, fashion designer Stella Carakasi invites Bay Area fashion enthusiasts and the media to experience her latest designs.

This unique event will take place:

Friday, March 31st 5-8pm at the Stella Studio
1370 10th Street, Berkeley CA.


Real Women

Viv's Photo copy

Meet Vivian, Partner & CMO!

… One of the reasons I joined the Stella Carakasi team is because of the women. We are a women-run company, and all the ladies are smart, sassy, interesting, and stellar at what they do (of course, the men aren’t bad either 🙂

We are girls, mothers, partners, colleagues, sisters and friends. We compliment each other for a job well done (and for a good-looking outfit), and we call out the things that are not good enough. We bring all aspects of ourselves to the table, and we challenge each other to be better.

Simply stated, I am in the company of real women, and it’s awesome.

Why do I use the term “Real Women”? I use it out of the deepest respect for who these women are and what they manifest in the world. I use it because, at this point in time, they – WE – all dare to express ourselves fully — beauty, smarts, opinions, style and all. And yes, I consider myself a real woman, too.

I often wonder about a woman’s life story and the many things that have transpired and come together to create who she is today. Of course, this is a universal conversation that extends beyond the Stella Carakasi team to men and the world at large. However, I believe a woman’s experience in life has a different level of complexity and texture, especially in light of the many roles we embody as girls, women, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters and professionals.

To this point, I want to bring our larger community of women to life, as I know there are many amazing stories to share. So, please contribute to our blogs with your perspectives and invite your friends and loved ones to join our conversations. And, if you are among the company of the real women who love wearing Stella and would like to share your favorite looks and more, let us know!

In the meantime, here’s one of my life stories:

I have loved art, design & fashion since I was a little girl. In fact, I wanted very badly to attend Parsons School of Design in NYC for college. However, I was raised by a very practical mother and chose instead to attend UC Berkeley to major in Genetics. My creativity (and frustration) expressed itself through various avenues and professions over the years: dance, choreography, costume & prop design, drumming, art projects with my two kids, aikido, branding, PR & marketing, and management consulting.  Now at 45, I have found myself full circle back at home in the world of fashion, but now with a lifetime of confidence, experience and possibilities at my fingertips. Interestingly enough, my mother, who had persuaded me to step off my path, was the very one who encouraged me to get back on. “You have to do something creative now. It’s time you did something for yourself,” she told me. And so, here I am at Stella, loving it and living it – and laughing at the irony of it all. Life makes so much more sense looking backwards, doesn’t it? And I guess mothers always know best somehow.

In reflection, I have learned along the way that my heart has always known my truth. So my advice: Trust it, and your life will follow your right path.

>> Do you have a story to share? Or some advice for life?

This is just one voice from the Stella Carakasi team: Vivian Dai, Partner & CMO