The team here at Stella Carakasi is excited to invite you to our Spring Style Event! We have customer-models walking the runway, delicious d’oeuvres, and a very special guest. We’ve created a handy guide for you to reference so you don’t miss a moment of our special event.


5-6PM Nosh & Mingle, Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

We have teamed up with Whole Foods Market to provide bites and beauty tips for Spring! Here is a sneak peek:

Three Steps to Glowing Skin

Tips for Rosy Cheeks & Lips

Anti-Aging Skincare

Pro-Tip: Be sure to check out the skincare demo from Evanhealy. The first 50 guests will receive beauty goody bags from Whole Foods Market!


6-7PM Spring Fashion Show

This Spring we are gathering inspiration from women who inspire us to be our best selves and encourage an air of whimsy. In this spirit, we are honored to introduce our special guest, author Alysia Helming. Through her her debut best-selling novel PROTOGENESIS she shares her imaginative world of Greek mythology seen through the eyes of her protagonist HeleneWe have crafted the perfect nod to her literary talent and the Spring season with our exclusive Protogenesis look inspired by Alysia’s book.  

Pro-Tip: Check out the preview of the “Protogena Jewelry Line” created by ANATOL, available on April 10th.


7-8PM Book Signing with Alysia Helming

Get a chance to meet Alysia Helming and have her sign your copy of PROTOGENESIS!

RSVP for Free Here

See you there!

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Spring Style Event: Don’t Miss a Moment!

This Spring we are gathering inspiration from women who inspire us to be our best selves and encourage an air of whimsy.


More from Vivian: I love the word confidence. It’s simple and quiet, but lands with an impact. It also takes a lifetime to cultivate and to understand. I would say that the confidence in my mid-40’s has a very different weight and feel than the confidence in my 20’s. And although I have felt confident at many phases of my life, the confidence of today comes from deep in my belly and allows me to manifest many more things than before.

Over the last month, we interviewed a handful of Stella women from across the country, and CONFIDENCE is common to all of them (and perhaps to more of you out there!) These women come from very diverse backgrounds, but are all independent and creative thinkers. They have a strong sense of self and know exactly what they like. They are travelers and appreciate the arts, food and wine. They are deeply connected with their partners, families and communities. And, they experience life in a very sensual way.

All these women are tremendously confident, not only in who they are, but how they express themselves in the world. And whether they are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, their personal style is their statement – unique, artistic, eclectic and intentional – the result of a lifetime of discovery.

Sarah Brosius (below left) and Michelle Purcell (below right) are reasons why we are on fire about creating profiles of the real women who wear Stella. We believe that this community of women is comprised of dynamic and fascinating individuals. In particular, what I LOVE about Sarah’s and Michelle’s portraits are not just their individual sense of style (which are both undeniably fabulous), but also the quiet confidence they exude through their eyes, their smiles, and their bodies. Casual elegance. I am here. Here I am.


In short, they just make me smile and feel deeply proud to be part of the Stella community. In character and spirit, these are real women just like me. And even if we come from different backgrounds, or lead different lives, or never meet in person, there is a common thread that ties us together – life as a woman who has built confidence from finding and redefining herself, over and over and over again.

>> Do you relate to this?

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Real Woman Confidence