The Color Trend You Need To Know in 2016

resort 600x800300dpi-resort-cropCall it Cruise, call it Resort, we call it a vacation¬†from the dark days of winter. And even when you cannot call it quits to the cold outside and land yourself on a beach in some tropical paradise with a beach boy fanning your tanned body… you can liven up your mood, your wardrobe, and your look by adding colors that make you feel like the bombshell that you are.

The color trend to try for 2016 is Batik. Referred to as Blue Hydrangea, Ocean, or simply Blue. Why we love it? Think about denim. Yes, that favorite pair of jeans or denim jacket. Why does denim work with just about everything? Because it’s really a neutral. Batik works exactly the same way – effortlessly working with so many other colors.

Explore why we are bonkers for blue this season!

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Resort finds Stella in a relaxed mood influenced by a combination of the timeless and updated cool.

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Travel with Stella

Vivian here, just back from a trip to France and Spain. I brought Stella along, and I’m happy to report that she travels well! And just to clarify, I’m not talking about my gal pal the Head Designer, but rather our clothes ūüôā

All I can say is that I’m grateful for how easy it is to travel with my Stellawear. The clothes are not only versatile, but comfortable and ready-to-wear. I am not patient or easy on my clothes when I travel — they have to work for me, not against me! And I’m happy to report that they went easily from suitcase to hanger, and after a quick steam, onto my body and out the door!

Here are the items I chose, along with 1 pair of black leggings + 2 pairs of coated jeans + 1 black top (ok, I did bring a few other items but did not end up wearing them!):


Next in Line Sweater (black)
I love, love, love this sweater! It’s my new favorite for on-the-go comfort and style. Keeps me warm and cozy, hints to the traditional cotton knit, but surprises with a sexy hip! I got plenty of glances with this one when I wore my contrasting metallic-coated jeans (“Well, aren’t you all that!”). On other occasions, I wore it with black leggings and black boots for a more subdued silhouette.


Just Enough Top (alabaster)
This silky top gave me the dressed-up sheen without the headaches of ironing (I hate ironing). I wore it with and without the Two Way Shrug, depending upon the occasion, the weather, and the pants. Long story short, it’s an easy one to dress up or down, depending upon your shoes and accessories.


Two Way Shrug (shadow)
Typically, I’m not a shrug kind of gal, but I tried it and liked it! I wore it with the Just Enough Top¬†with¬†the points at the collar, which created nice visual interest at the top and a nice line on my bottom. The fabric weight was perfect to moderate the changing temperatures (cool to hot!). It can be an item of intrigue if worn with all black, or part of your silhouette if worn with similar-colored bottoms.


Fit to Flatter Top (shiraz)
What can I say, but, “va-va-voom!” The rich shiraz and fascinating draping at the front are not things that deny attention, so beware! Dress it up with black leggings and heels, or down with jeans and boots. Either way, it’s a quick steam away from inspiring your next adventure ūüôā

About Town Coat (black) — not shown
This is a Fall 2012 style made from the same cotton metal twill fabric as the Now or Never Jacket. I am thrilled that I can scrunch it, stuff it in my suitcase, then pull it out and wear it. It is the most versatile jacket I own, as it works with my mood-driven style and equally unpredictable weather conditions. I simply won’t part with it!

Now, even though I’m a seasoned road warrior, don’t take my word for it — bring Stella on your next trip and let us know what you think!!

~ Vivian

Fall: Arriving in Style

What should you wear this Fall when there are so many beautiful styles to choose from? At Stella Carakasi,¬†we are eagerly anticipating more beautiful Fall clothes from Stella next week! New arrivals will include romantic felted lace coats and funky alpaca sweaters.¬†I am plotting my wardrobe staples for the months of cooler weather to come…

But, before I get too overwhelmed with the possibilities, I always start with my accessories. We have many new accessories in-store at the Stella Studio, so there is much to choose from. They all go perfectly with the new Fall styles and are luscious and affordable to boot!

Jewelry for any budget.

Why are accessories the perfect place to start a Fall wardrobe?

1. I can wear accessories now while I plan my clothing purchases for the season. Besides, being in California, I do not have a need to bundle up yet, except for mornings and evenings!

Silk and Cotton
Indulge in handmade wearable art.

2. The easiest way to update a seasonal look is with a couple of new scarves, some great earrings, and three new garments to add to the weekly rotation.

Yummy colors at the Stella Studio!

3. If accessories aren’t your thing, you still need a great bag to go with your clothes. We have wonderful neutral and jewel tone bags to choose from in all sizes.

Fall knits & fall handbags. We love this time of year when all the fall styles arrive.

I can’t wait to highlight some of our new arrivals next week!

~ Yarra

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Stylish Start to Fall

As leaves are turning, days are becoming shorter, and evenings are cooling down. We have begun the wonderful season of Fall, and we look towards warm colors, autumnal activities, and yes, Fall style!

Style 1

Our first look is the Take Note Vest in acacia over the At Ease Top in dove and the Clear Cut skirt in mink. This vest is stunning on most body types because of the multiple ways to button it. We love versatility here at Stella, and this boiled wool is an eye-catching example. The rayon stretch jersey top hits at the hip and the neckline has asymmetry that complements most figures. Finally,¬†the¬†ponte¬†knit skirt — you gotta love that it keeps everything together, if you know what I mean! ¬†This¬†skirt has an easy pencil-esque shape and looks great with boots.

Style 2

Got this next look from the lovely Yarra! The Must Have It Sweater in ash over the Gotta Getaway Tunic in tearose is an unexpected coupling. The crinkle texture of the tunic gives a nice surprise as it peeks from under the uneven hem of the sweater.  This look can work with boots as well as sandals, and looks great for the pear-shaped figure.

Style 4

Our very popular A-list Top in creamy white helps to create a nice¬†silhouette¬†with the Bottom Line Ankle Pants in shiraz. ¬†It’s simple elegance for this put-on-and-go look. The soft drape of the top lays well with the cascades of the pant. ¬†This outfit is great for those looking to distract from the tummy, and either elongate a fuller leg or give more dimension to those with thinner legs.

Style 3

Lastly, there is the Enigmatic Tunic in dove over the Incomparable Ankle Pant in dakota.  This tunic hits below the bottom at its shortest point and drapes in all the right places.  The Incomparable Ankle Pants is a best seller for the simple fact that the style is out of the ordinary, but easy to wear. Another great outfit for most body types, and the color combo is the epitome of fall.

As we begin the new season, we explore another side of ourselves — so, let’s show it in style!

~ Allegra


Pull-on Jeans?

With the Autumnal Equinox behind us, many are finally accepting that Fall is here. Wondering how to prepare your wardrobe for this season? How about some great fitting pull-on jeans by JAG? Pull-ons? Really?

New Arrivals to the Stella Studio:  JAG Jeans in Sizes 0-14

Really. The pull-on style creates an invisible waist, great for pairing with one of the many tops or tunics that Stella Carakasi offers in her Fall 2013 Collection. Grab these styles from the Stella Studio now, because they won’t last long once the word is out!


Signature Top in Dove + JAG Jeans Nora Skinny in After Midnight

And, did you know that we offer complimentary hemming on full-price clothing? For sale clothing, hemming is only $7 for tops and $8 for bottoms and dresses.

For denim, we recommend washing your jeans first, then returning for the complimentary hemming. This way, you will get the exact length desired. Also, be sure to bring in the shoes you’ll be wearing with your new jeans – this makes all the difference!


And by the way, there are new arrivals in the Stella Studio today. So, please stop by to start the season off with some flattering Fall styles!

~ Yarra

New Basics


Hi, I’m Yarra the Director of Customer Engagement and the head of our retail boutiques at Stella Carakasi. The arrival of our Fall 2013 collection in the store and online has created a frenzy by our customers and by the team members at Stella Carakasi’s headquarters.

In the midst of all the excitement at the office, I am preparing for a trip to NYC with our Global Sales Director, Charlene Griffin. I have been evaluating my closet for what to pack and what to buy for the new fall season. Getting ready to leave for NYC means researching museums and following fashion week with much more attention than in seasons past. One of the things I have been looking at a lot is street wear when thinking about what to wear on my trip.

I have my eye on some key pieces from our collection to add to my closet. Following are my top picks from the Stella Carakasi Fall 2013 Collection. Wherever life takes you, these styles will have you looking like you did your homework in the fashion department.

Look Sharp Leggings

Look Sharp Leggings
These pants are so fantastic for any figure! I can not say enough about the fit and the fabric on these. Think compression leggings. Tight where you want them, smooth where you need them. Stella you have outdone yourself!

Next in Line Sweater

Next In Line Sweater
I have been obsessed with this sweater ever since I saw the design in development. It is available in Black (yes!), Ash (shown) and Ceylon (yum!).
Endless Ease Skirt

Endless Ease Skirt
This skirt is beautiful on any figure. The drape and length are great on tall and short figures alike. Available in Shiraz (shown) or Black. Add a new silhouette to your go to wardrobe staples.
Modern Mix Jacket

Modern Mix Jacket
Embrace your inner fashionista with this jacket that will make any street wear style section. I love how jet-setting this jacket is. Lightweight enough to pack in a carry-on, warm enough for a San Francisco night.

What are your must haves for this fall season?



More Fall Transition Style Tips

More fall transition styles from Allegra! It’s that time of the year where summer is having its last hoorah and fall is sauntering in. The remaining days are still warm, but the nights are cooling off. ¬†Here are some early fall looks that add a dash of summer to ease you into the next season.

IMG_1835 copy

Converting our Multi-Faceted Dress in black into a high-waist skirt can take the attention away from the tummy as long as your torso is not too short. Paired with the Future Perfect Top in ivory and our Play Your Cards Right Jacket gives a woman an on-the-go chic that is not overworked.

IMG_1839 copy

This Sure Thing Tee in ivory is a no brainer for the ever changing Form and Function Skirt in tuscan rose. The skirt has varying degrees of draping with the adjustable front detail. Toss on the Good To Go Jacket in jute, and well, you are “good to go”! This skirt can offer a little shape to those who have narrow hips.

IMG_1840 copy

You only need to put on the Time Will Tell Cardigan in coriander once before you realize that this is so comfy and elegant, you will find excuses to wear it all the time. Wear it with the Front Page Pants in havana and you have a flowy yet tailored (in the right places) outfit that is a little 40’s inspired. ¬†This color combo is not for the conservative!

IMG_1847 copy

The Made You Look Tunic is a fun, slightly sheer top in white.  Drape it over the fabulous Incomparable Ankle Pants in dakota. You can keep those shoulders warm in style with the Two Way Shrug in shadow, and this becomes a drapy tonal outfit for most body types.

IMG_1843 copy

I can’t help it… I love monochrome with a splash of color, so bear with me gang! Check out the Over Everything Cardigan in coriander over the Lucky Day Tank in white, paired with the Epiphany Skirt in feather. Throw on a great corset belt, and it becomes a lovely bohemian outfit (think Romani Gypsy). This outfit is for most body types, and the belt will help give a little shape to those who have a more linear silhouette.

Change is good, so look good wearing it! ~ Allegra