The Power of Personal Assistance in Finding Your Style

You know how it seems that sometimes you’re having one of those days – stuff doesn’t go your way – you’re late, forgot the notes, didn’t sign the permission slip – just little things that are so frustrating.

But then, someone compliments you on your look!  Maybe they ask if you got a haircut or if those are new shoes. You smile, because you know what it is – you’re having a good outfit day!  

At Stella Carakasi, we are about making every day a good outfit day!

Stella’s design philosophy comes from her understanding of what real women desire – from an understanding of the real purpose of fashion – to bring out your natural beauty!  

“I’m inspired by the real everyday woman, with all of her body concerns. If my clothing manages to make her feel transformed by bringing out her natural beauty, so that she feels empowered, I have accomplished what I set out to do.”
Stella Carakasi

A great way to ensure that you can have a great outfit day, no matter what designs you are wearing, is to understand style and what makes an outfit great for you! Here at the Stella Studio, we have incredibly talented stylists on hand to guide you to that understanding and build that perfect outfit.

But we know that not all of you can come to the studio – so we decided to bring our Lead Style Consultant, Yarra, to you virtually.

Yup – you can get great style advice and an enhanced understanding of what makes an outfit work, from the comfort of your own home!

We’ve got 3 fantastic customer models who we will be working with to highlight 3 key aspects of how to look and feel your best – in what is in your wardrobe today.  Really empowering you to build those great outfits that make you feel powerful, no matter what kind of day you are having.

Stella on style, “Style is what looks great on you and what makes you feel fabulous, just the way you are. That energetic shift is so powerful and allows you to show up in a very positive way which is the most important result.”

Join us to learn more about your personal style.


How To Dress For Day To Night: Black and White is the Solution

Signify Sweater
The Signify Sweater with the Finesse Skirt creates a classic go-anywhere look.

We love black and white. There’s something reassuring about clean and simple, black and white. The modern, cool look smacks of self-confidence, and a black or white statement piece automatically takes your style to the next level. Make it do double-duty by wearing it to work and then out on date night with these three tips.

3 Tips to transform your look from Day to Night

  1. Work It: For day, double up sheer layers to create a more classic look for the office.
  2. Night Attraction: Subtract outer layers and add jewelry to amp up your look for evening.
  3. Fancy Footwork: Don’t forget the shoes! Transform your day look to a night look instantly with your footwear. For evening, try a shoe in glossy black or neutral metallics to play off of your monochromatic clothing.
2-slider-new arrivals-black-and-white
One part mysterious and one part sensual. The Take Note Vest pairs perfectly over the Sheer Thing Top.
3-slider-coats and jackets-black-and-white
Clearly pulled together. The Far and Away Coat adds instant polish to any outfit.
Instant classic. A monochromatic top and the Finesse Skirt set the stage for an ultra lux look that goes from day to night.
Pull it together. The Much Ado Vest can pull many outfits together. Wear over black (as pictured here), over the Touchdown Tunic. This look also translates well with jeans for a laid-back lux approach.

Try a combination that creates instant wow – a pared-down palette with ultra lux details. Working the monochrome look is easy. There’s no worry of wearing colors that don’t compliment each other. Black and white make the perfect partnership.

An Introvert Dresses the Part of an Extrovert

Guest Blog by Carrie Motamedi


I am an introvert, I like to make things happen behind the scenes and make other people successful: It is my comfort zone. However there are many contrasts to this in my life, and it can sometimes make me very uncomfortable. I’m an executive at a startup who sometimes has to speak in front of large crowds. The company I work for is a DIY workshop where creative people (the majority in their 20s and 30s) use high-end machinery and wear jeans and t-shirts. Though I’m in my forties, even as a kid I never really wore jeans. My main work-from-home outfit is a combo of PJ tops and sweat bottoms, but sometimes I have to go to the city or other places where the “jammie chic” look won’t cut it.

Recently I had a string of speaking engagements in the Bay Area and Austin, and it sent me into a bit of a panic after seeing photos of my last attempt at self styling for the stage. I turned to my amazing and always put together friend Julie Gordon White for advice and she simply said, “I have the perfect line for you. Do you know Stella?”

I’m not familiar with any fashion designer or high-end brand of anything when people ask, so no, I had not heard of Stella Carakasi before then. I looked online and saw the gorgeous model and thought it just wasn’t me; clearIy clothes like these were made just for her. Mine is not the body type to pull off those cuts. Julie waved away my initial reluctance and made an appointment for me to go in to the shop (of course she had to come with me as my extrovert helper). “I’m telling you, these clothes were made for you!”

IMG_6956And so started my journey with Stella, as I took in pieces that I thought were “maybes” and walked out as if someone finally got me. I left the shop with several items, feeling like those amazing French women who have a few basic pieces that plug and play and wow. I wore my “Pressing Engagement” jacket for my next talk. (BTW , Julie ended up getting the same jacket and despite us being different heights, it looked amazing on her too.)

Not long after that I had the opportunity to hear Stella Carakasi speak . When she talked about her own challenge with being more on the introverted side and having to be the front person of a label and give talks, it provided so much insight into the soul of her clothes. Now I understood why someone like me could feel comfortable wearing something that was eye catching. Her clothes made me stand out without making me feel like I was trying too hard or over thinking it.


I was hooked and went back before heading out to moderate a panel at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin. I even wore some things from the Spring line that I wouldn’t normally have (like the “Made for Me” jacket which was rock n’ roll fun). I’d learned to trust the style and was able to go from an executive formal work dinner to a band performance at a local bar.

The outfits took me from technology panels to after parties because the clothes were elegant, timeless, current, fresh and — most importantly — made me feel comfortable enough in my own introvert skin to dabble in being an extrovert. (The “Attitude” pencil skirt is one of those pieces I want to own five copies of, just to make sure I have it in my wardrobe for the rest of my life!)

jacketFashion should transform you, not help you hide. Clothing can impact not only the way you look and feel but how you ARE. I don’t want to worry anymore about what to wear. I want to be me and be comfortable so I can focus on what I’m doing, who I’m with, and enjoy any moment in life comfortably. But looking good certainly doesn’t hurt, and since I have been wearing Stella I’ve gotten so many compliments that I know I can grab anything from the line and go. Now, I’m actually ok with putting myself out there.

Carrie lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two active boys. She is Vice President of Marketing for TechShop, a do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio. Cooking, Baseball and inspiring people to make things are her passions.

Designer’s Notebook: F14

[Designer’s Notebook: F14]

Early Fall 2014, Pre-Fall or Transition. No matter what you call it, this is the season that we anxiously await. This is the time to add new dimension to your wardrobe. This excitement is not without warrant. Stella Carakasi’s Fall 2014 Collection is a gorgeous collection of essentials, statement pieces and pure tactile delight.

Mesh Combo Watercolor Print
Mesh Combo Watercolor Print

Stella Carakasi has a natural and smart approach to style with her emphasis on texture and layers for Early Fall 2014. The tactile line-up of rich neutrals has an old world aesthetic to them complemented by fresh bamboo, bittersweet and a hushed nude that all harmonize in a vivid, banded, watercolor mesh print. The intriguing line-up of pre-fall colors works just as well with the last of the summer whites as they do with denim and darks that march seamlessly into fall.

Wrap Up Cardigan in Cameo

Stella has a devotion to weaving the complicated with the simple. No matter your personal style, you’d be hard pressed not to find pairings that match your mood. For example, the fitted stretch twill pants would seem basic enough if not for the gorgeous hand and forgiving cut, because of this they are a favorite. The art of the not so basic, basic.

Whether it’s the classically tailored zip-up cocoon coat, garment dyed and cut from soft Tencel, the open weave sweater combinations, or a little shaped dip-dyed tee from the more casual side of the collection, Stella offers an array of propositions that invites a woman to pick and choose – mix and match. The sweater knits feature subtle mesh inserts that look casual yet elegant and suggest a promising start to an exciting fall season that successfully advances Stella’s global point of view.

Experience F14 in store and online today.