How do you pick the perfect lightweight jacket? At Stella Carakasi we are busy dreaming up key styles that can be worn year-round, in the office, or as throw-on-and-go travel essentials. Are you on the endless hunt for the perfect jacket?


Go To Style JacketThe Go To Style Jacket. Need we say more? Constructed from hemp/tencel®, this all-season basic, is soft and rich to the touch. Why we love it: it’s lightweight and easy to layer from winter to summer, it goes with anything, and it’s asymmetrical styling sets it apart from other trench coats.
Style to Spare JacketThe Style to Spare Jacket, made from metal sateen, has a soft luster. It’s also waterproof, travel-friendly, and a notch above the crowd. We love the balance of the feminine fitted jacket with the on-trend of a motorcycle jacket. This little number is a keeper!
Made For Me JacketWearing this jacket you will know why we call it the Made For Me Jacket. Diagonal pin-tucks framed by zipper trim are the unexpected details that make this style distinctive. This is an easy to throw-on style available in a variety of neutral washes to complement your outfits from season-to-season.
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How To Pick the Perfect Lightweight Jacket

How do you pick the perfect lightweight jacket? At Stella Carakasi we are busy dreaming up key styles that can be worn year-round, in the office, or as throw-on-and-go travel essentials. Are you on the endless hunt for the perfect jacket?


The team here at Stella Carakasi is excited to invite you to our Spring Style Event! We have customer-models walking the runway, delicious d’oeuvres, and a very special guest. We’ve created a handy guide for you to reference so you don’t miss a moment of our special event.


5-6PM Nosh & Mingle, Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

We have teamed up with Whole Foods Market to provide bites and beauty tips for Spring! Here is a sneak peek:

Three Steps to Glowing Skin

Tips for Rosy Cheeks & Lips

Anti-Aging Skincare

Pro-Tip: Be sure to check out the skincare demo from Evanhealy. The first 50 guests will receive beauty goody bags from Whole Foods Market!


6-7PM Spring Fashion Show

This Spring we are gathering inspiration from women who inspire us to be our best selves and encourage an air of whimsy. In this spirit, we are honored to introduce our special guest, author Alysia Helming. Through her her debut best-selling novel PROTOGENESIS she shares her imaginative world of Greek mythology seen through the eyes of her protagonist HeleneWe have crafted the perfect nod to her literary talent and the Spring season with our exclusive Protogenesis look inspired by Alysia’s book.  

Pro-Tip: Check out the preview of the “Protogena Jewelry Line” created by ANATOL, available on April 10th.


7-8PM Book Signing with Alysia Helming

Get a chance to meet Alysia Helming and have her sign your copy of PROTOGENESIS!

RSVP for Free Here

See you there!

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Spring Style Event: Don’t Miss a Moment!

This Spring we are gathering inspiration from women who inspire us to be our best selves and encourage an air of whimsy.


Come away with us for an evening of fashion and enchantment as we show you our freshest new looks for Spring! Designer Stella Carakasi and novelist Alysia Helming 
celebrate a journey of discovery and transformation in an evening of collaboration through art and design at the Spring Style Event.

Alysia Helming, author of the novel PROTOGENESIS the first in a series: Protogena Chronicles crafts a young adult fantasy romance set in modern Greece, where ancient mythology and science fiction unite. Get to meet Alysia in person at an exclusive book signing session! 

Taking inspiration from her tale of female empowerment and mythology Stella created a unique look that channels the spirit of PROTOGENESIS.  Also, get an exclusive first-look at the Protogena Jewelry Line” created by ANATOL, available on April 10th.

Showcasing the best of her Spring 2017 Collection, fashion designer Stella Carakasi invites Bay Area fashion enthusiasts and the media to experience her latest designs.

This unique event will take place:

Friday, March 31st 5-8pm at the Stella Studio
1370 10th Street, Berkeley CA.


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Refresh – Recharge – Inspire!

Come away with us for an evening of fashion and enchantment as we show you our freshest new looks for Spring! Designer Stella Carakasi and novelist Alysia Helming celebrate a journey of discovery and transformation in an evening of collaboration through art and design at the Spring Style Event.

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How-To Pack & Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for the Holidays


Is there anything better than a totally bespoke wardrobe created especially for you?  The capsule wardrobe is just that – the perfect micro-collection of clothing for any occasion.  With the holidays fast approaching we have compiled a capsule wardrobe and packing tips that will have you jet-set ready!

Our Capsule Wardrobe

Rare Form Cape: This cozy cape has a sweet surprise – it is reversible! The versatility of this cape makes it perfect for any capsule wardrobe. We also love wearing it in transit – it is both chic and comfortable for any journey.

Slimming Ankle Pants: The straight leg silhouette partnered with the vegan-leather front panels make these pants especially easy to pack (and forgiving on wrinkles!).  They also pair well with every type of shoe – from heels to flats and everything in between!  

Shape Shifter Top: This flattering top is an essential for any capsule wardrobe.  Not only does it work for layering but it is also timeless worn by itself.  Some added bonuses, it comes in four different colors, is made from organic cotton, and folds up easily for packing.

Tour De Force Cardigan: A cardigan….with edge!  The zipper detail and vegan-leather sleeve inserts add a layer of interest and style to any ensemble. Pair this cardigan with the slimming ankle pants for an added pop of leather.  


Packing Tricks of the Trade

  1. Take Notes and Plan Ahead: A week or two before you travel start compiling a list of items you need to pack as you think of them.  This will help eliminate some last minute packing stress and enable you to build your perfect capsule wardrobe while you travel.
  2. Fold and Roll: One of our biggest packing secrets is to fold your clothing in half and roll it so it is neatly compressed.  The pieces in our capsule wardrobe work beautifully for this method of packing.  Not only will this save space, but it will create order in your luggage!
  3. Pack a Laundry Bag: A washable reusable bag or pillowcase make for an excellent laundry bag on-the go.  It also helps to stay organized while traveling.
  4. Keep Your Luggage Smelling Fresh: Slip a sachet or dryer sheets in with your luggage.  The scent will give you a boost while traveling and omit a fresh fragrance.




The season of change and contrast is upon us. Crisp mornings…epic nights, Homecoming, party going. Guest lists, wish lists, and to-do lists.  More to do–less time to prepare, from outside festivals to inside dinner parties, there are a plethora of events to prepare for!

This fall we invite you to shift gears, slow down–allow yourself to feel the season. Liberate your senses & your style. Time to indulge. Take the Lux approach to casual style with easy silhouettes, unstructured comfort and endless versatility with a whole new season of fresh, super mixable, ultra wearable sophisticated styles to keep you warm and elevate your cool factor. The season starts here.

Sometimes complexity is simply more interesting–so, make “dressing the part” easy, layer everything!  Lots of lightweight layers create a rich multi-dimensional look and prepare you for just about anything.  Sit back, sip your Pumpkin Spice Latte and let us take the guesswork out of what to wear!


Fall has so many great reasons to get together and share delicious treats and outings! Whether it’s a Friendsgiving party or a Fall Festival you will be cozy and stylish with these key pieces:

  1. TELL ME MORE SWEATER: Delicate hardware and easy rolled edges contrast soft femininity and edgy detail to create this ultra-wearable, totally unique statement piece.
  1. ARTISTIC LICENSE TUNIC: Curious side panels play with texture and design in our cozy Cashmere blend to create this flattering wardrobe essential.
  1. SLIMMING ANKLE PANTS:  Amazing stretch, control, and comfort!  The vegan leather front panels are a cool, modern update for this bestselling ponte knit pant.
  1. CHILL FACTOR JACKET: Cool asymmetries, cut-up pattern play, and rib-knit accents play together to create this stunning “I gotta have it” jacket.


One of the things we love about Fall is that some of the festivities are usually outside – which means you have to be prepared for the elements. Stella has you covered with these versatile pieces:

  1. TOP RATED TEE: Stretch Modal® always adds some polish to amplify your wardrobe.
  1. RARE FORM CAPE: A timeless  reversible fall layering piece in our super soft & cozy Angora blend.
  1. DEFINING MOMENT ANKLE PANTS: Engineered to contour your body. Comfort and stretch have a whole new meaning when it comes to these divine Super Stretch Tencel pants. 

magic fire

Fall Events & Happenings We’re Loving

Bay Area

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival | Apple Hill | Autumn Lights Festival


Giant Pumpkin Weekend | Cider Week | Haunted Lantern Tours at Fort Totten Park | Stargazing on the High Line | Queens County Farm Museum (Huge corn maze!)


Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch | Knott’s Halloween Haunt | Oktoberfest

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Feeling Fall


carrieCarrie Motamedi is a guest blogger. Carrie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two active boys and two German Shepard Rescues. She’s passionate about cooking, baseball and the advancement of women. Carrie is the publicist for “A Revolution in Four Seasons” and serves on the Leadership Council for Girls’ Festival.

I just read an article about how older women should stop wearing all black at a certain age because it is harsh on older women. I call BS! Other studies show wearing black makes people think you are sexier, smarter and more confident!  And BTW, what does “older” even mean? If you ask a school age kid they will say 30. If you ask a 30-something, they will say 40 etc. So I guess a certain age is just whoever is older than the person writing the article….

1737806_402478766564610_1016635236_nThat said, I do feel myself wanting to move slightly away from my all-black look inspired by my college goth days when my laundry sorting was done around clothes that were black or not mine.

My friends even started to tire of my all black after many years and encouraged me to mix it up a little. My biggest inspiration for this is a fabulous friend and artist Isabel Samaras who knows about color and making a statement in her work which is rich in color, as are her clothes.  (You can see more of her work on Instagram at So, for a while, I started adding some splashes of gray (I know, I know – baby steps) or even all gray as the new all black and maybe some oatmeal here and there…


Carrie and friends. Mix black with color for a dramatic look.

However, when I want to be classy but not sure how dressy I need to be, all black is my creature of comfort. What I have discovered in working with Stella Carakasi’s team is that you can add a statement piece that doesn’t have to be color. It can be texture, intelligent design, lines, and details. So even when I’m head-to-toe black, I keep it from being flat by adding mesh, zippers, a serene color or other things that complement black.  I am having so much fun mixing it up with all of Stella Carakasi’s designs (not to mention the fun jewelry and lux handbags and other accessories they carry at Stella Studio!) that I have actually forgotten how old I am!


Carrie in a Stella Carakasi tunic and pants.


Carrie with her son at graduation in Stella tunic and jacket.




Personal Style: Goth Girl Comes of (“A Certain”) Age

Does wearing head-to-toe black accentuate your look or is it too harsh?


carrieCarrie Motamedi is a guest blogger. Carrie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two active boys. She’s passionate about cooking, baseball and inspiring people to make things.

This year at SXSW Interactive Week in Austin, TX, I put a panel together on “Frugal Innovation”  which is a concept gaining popularity in the tech and design world, centered around the notion of doing more with less but gaining better, high- quality results.

My first priority for the conference was to get as many women on my panel as possible (#WhoRunsTheWorld?) and next was to get my speaking/event wardrobe together. I like to travel very light so my approach to packing was also about Frugal Innovation; What few great quality pieces could I bring to put the widest range of outfits together that go from warm to cold weather and casual to formal. Of course, I went to Stella Carakasi to get some of the latest styles that would also match my existing pieces and could address Austin’s fickle weather in March.


At SXSW wearing my favorite – Tiburon Tunic.

I came away with one small suitcase full of lightweight jackets and leggings which were a perfect compliment to my existing tunic tops and would address hot, cold and rainy as needed. Throw in a scarf or two, and I was ready.

And while I brought the least amount of luggage, when compared to my two roommates at the conference, I was able to lend them some pieces when the weather turned, despite the three of us being 3 different sizes!

The day of my panel ended up being so hot that I opted for a white, short-sleeve tunic. I had worn it for a previous speaking engagement and lent it to my friend and Director/Producer of the just released “A Revolution in Four Seasons” documentary film (more about that in my next blog!). She loved Stella Carakasi’s look and feel so much that she went shopping as soon as she was back in the East Bay to get some of her own pieces at the Stella Studio.

I mentioned in my previous blog that owning a few Stella pieces as staples really makes me feel as though I am achieving that sophisticated French Woman trend of cutting-edge fashion and stylish comfort without needing a closet full of clothes.

Everything I had for my trip to SXSW was unpacked and repacked for my vacation to Maui the following week and then Toronto 2 weeks after. Since I always like to wear a scarf that can be a wrap for the airplane ride, I wore my new convertible shawl scarf for all flights.

I can’t say enough good things about Stella Carakasi’s ability to create a line that is affordable, sustainable and allows me to be comfortable as I evolve my look for each setting whether travel, party, speaking or leisure. It doesn’t get more innovative than that!



Frugal Innovation in Fashion