Is “being practical” killing your style?

Vivian here living up my Style Revolution and exploring new ways of removing frump from my life. Since last week, I’ve discovered how “being practical” has killed my style over the years. I’m now on a renewed rampage declaring: “DARE to be IMPRACTICAL! DARE to be FABULOUS! DARE to be MAGNIFICENT everyday!”

V_2I realize that it’s a matter of mindset, really. Fashion does nothing for you unless you embrace it and live it. All the “I don’t feel good about myself”, “I’ll wait until a special occasion”, “I’ll wait until my body is perfect” is crap and should be thrown out the window. Why not feel GREAT today? Why not TURN HEADS today? Why not BE AMAZING today? And not just today, but EVERYDAY??

I was practically raised — which means fashion was superfluous, beauty was unnecessary, and all that was nonlinear, moody and inspirational took the backseat to the necessities of everyday life. I thank my mother  for raising me and giving me the good sense to succeed, but I am also letting go of all that has made me more rigid, more practical, more predictable, more acceptable, and more frumpy than who I was born to be. Good riddance.

V_1I stepped into the Stella Studio yesterday, more determined than ever to find more styles that reflect the original me. What I found was that I suffer from what some of our customers think to themselves when scanning the racks: “THAT doesn’t work for me,” “THAT won’t fit me,” “THAT doesn’t look like something I would wear.” Well, POO-EY on all of that. I pulled out the a bunch of things that were “not me”, and lo-and-behold, they FIT, they are AWESOME, and I am GIDDY, because they actually ARE me. I just didn’t THINK I was “so fancy.”

How do I feel? FANCY, FABULOUS and TRANSFORMED, and a little shy stepping into my light. But what the heck, I’m not getting any younger. And you got to flaunt it while you have it, right??

So ladies, what have YOU done recently to live your Style Revolution? How are YOU being MAGNIFICENT YOU everyday?



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