What a New Year Means to Us

When most of us think of new year’s resolutions, things like eating healthier or working out more typically come to mind. And while these are both great changes to make, the start of a new year means more than that to us here at Stella Carakasi. We like to think of a new year as a clean slate to wipe away anything that no longer serves us and welcome anything that will. We’re going into 2023 with a refreshed attitude on what it is to live mindfully happy! How about you?

Find What’s Important to You

Your values influence who you spend time with, what hobbies you’re interested in taking up, the social issues to which you want to give your time, and more. These values will help guide you to how you want to spend your time, money, and brain power!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to sit down and realign with your life’s true values. We know this might be a big task, but once you broaden your thinking, you may be surprised where you land. For us, our values are providing our community with high-quality clothing that every woman can feel good in, regardless of their personal style or body shape. Sustainability is also another value of ours that we’re always improving on.

We love using eco-friendly fabrics for our garments, like sustainable 100%Tencel® denim from Lenzing for our Mendocino Tunic or our BCI Cotton/ Cashmere blended yarn for our new Eye Candy Sweater.

Commit Time to Yourself

Women all over the world can relate to the struggle to find time to do things for themselves. We’re constantly doing things for others with little to no regard for how we’re feeling.

Not being able to commit time to yourself regularly will leave you feeling burnt out and irritable when it comes to spending time with your loved ones. Whether it’s ten minutes or two hours, try to find a little pocket of time each day to do something for you and only you! It could be reading a book, applying a face mask, going on a walk around the neighborhood, or doing a yoga flow. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! We love to spend our time relaxing in ultra-comfortable leggings that can go from me-time to family time with ease. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up reading their favorite book in a stylish pair of leggings?! Sign us up!

Make Small Changes

Not all new year’s resolutions need to be these major life-changing shifts. The small habits you incorporate into your daily routine are just as (if not more) important than those large goals. Small changes could be something like trying out a new recipe at least once a week, sleeping one hour more each night, or even becoming a better plant mom! These small changes usually lead to bigger ripples in your life to keep you motivated to continue to better your life in all areas. Here are a few more ideas if you need some inspiration:

  • Read at least ten pages of a book each day
  • Make those annual doctor’s appointments and health screenings
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Drink more water
  • Stop gossiping and spread more positivity
  • Write in a journal each day
  • Make your bed every morning
  • Smile more
  • Be kind

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many of us are so consumed with what others will think of us that we often end up sheltering from what we really want and what is calling us. In 2023, try stepping out of your comfort zone. No matter how big (like taking that weekend vacation to a new town by yourself) or small (such as adding more color, texture, and pattern to your wardrobe), stepping out of your comfort zone will help you experience new and exciting things as well as increase your confidence.

In fact, it’s been found that people who step out of their comfort zone become more productive, have an easier time accepting life changes, and gain the ability to harness their creativity more. So next time you say no to something new, think about why and understand what it’s going to take to get you to say yes!

Update Your Wardrobe

When starting a new year, many women take the time to go through their closets to get rid of old things they no longer wear and replace those items with refreshed styles. While we love this idea to give you a confidence boost (and more room in your closet!), we recommend updating your wardrobe with pieces you plan to wear for years that can be worn season over season. It’s always a good idea to refresh your wardrobe with items like new white poplin shirts, comfortable trousers for the office, versatile denim tunics, and striped button-up tops. These pieces can be worn in so many different ways and will never go out of style. Now that’s what we call a closet refresh!  

This year, we’re looking forward to experimenting with new patterns, sustainable fabrics, and fun colors! If you’re looking for inspiration to start 2023 with style, head over to our Looks We Love page for endless outfit ideas.

Holiday Wish List: Gifting Ideas to Give (or Get) This Year

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be tricky year after year–especially if it’s for that person that always seems to have everything! If you struggle to choose the perfect gift, don’t fret! Today, we’re discussing our top holiday gifts for your loved ones (or for you to add to your own wish list!)

Cozy Sweater

Nothing says holiday like a warm, stylish sweater. Here at Stella Carakasi, we pride ourselves on making high-quality knitwear that is comfortable, flattering, and stylish for years to come! Investing in a quality sweater is such a great gift because it’s something they can cherish year after year. We just launched a few fantastic new sweaters that will make the perfect gift for any remarkable woman on your list. Our Masterpiece Sweater features a unique knit design with contrast color blocking at the hem. A head-turning style will surely prompt the question, “Where did you get that sweater?”

If her style is a little more classic, check out the Eye Candy Sweater it’s our modern take on a vintage-inspired jacquard pattern. Both types are available in three fantastic neutrals that make holiday dressing a snap. We also just launched our best-selling Go To Cardigan in more colors ranging from accessible neutrals to eye-popping colors– available just in time for the holiday season! The unique mix stitch design makes this long open-front cardigan a no-brainer multi-tasker that transitions effortlessly from season to season. It’s an easy-to-wear style she’ll feel good about wearing repeatedly.

Statement Tops

Live in a warmer climate or looking for layers? Why not add a beautiful top to your wish list this year?! We just released brand new colors of our Tiburon Tunic and Prime Time Tunic! Both styles are versatile and made to fit and flatter most body shapes. The Showstopper Shirt is another new launch for us, and the stunning-shaped silhouette tells you all you need to know about this eye-catching top.

With a perfect name to match, our Wish List Shirt is one of those items that any woman would love to own. It’s your classic white poplin shirt with a few design details that amp up the charisma of this “must-have” shirt. From the flattering V-neck and back tucks to the smart 3-button cuffs and the unique side-step inserts that cleverly hide the on-seam pockets, this style is a sophisticated statement while keeping the cool factor intact. Like all of our poplin tops, The Wish List Shirt, like all our poplin shirts, is crafted with organic cotton infused with nylon and spandex for just the right amount of stretch and comfort.

Make a Statement in Stripes

What are the holidays without a bit of fun?! Spice up their wardrobe this year with some pin-striped patterns! The Attitude Shirt is our spin on a jazzed-up, oversized, button-up shirt. For us, the bold striped pattern speaks for itself! If an exciting silhouette is more appealing, check out the Center Stage Shirt to show off the unique fit and flare design.

Regardless of tastes, the Crossroads Tunic offers a modern and timeless design with its asymmetrical pattern play and flattering uneven high/low hem. An actual statement piece that will please any woman this season!

Comfy Bottoms

The best gifts are items that can be put to use and find joy in. Finding comfortable and stylish bottoms can be challenging for many women, so do the work and gift the perfect pair! Our Lounge Dress Pants are consistently one of our best-sellers because they feel like sweatpants but look like dress pants. We know–it’s hard to believe! If a slimmer silhouette is more her style, look no further than the Slimming Ankle Pants.

This is another top style season after season because they feel like wearing buttery soft leggings! On the opposite end of the silhouette spectrum is our brand-new Perfect Flood Pants. They’re made from a soft Tencel® Ponte knit and have a wider cropped leg. Lastly, our Tencel® Criss-Cross Leggings feature a unique crisscross design at the ankle and are great for women who like to be both stylish and comfortable no matter what plans they have in store!

Outer Layers

Coats and jackets are items you always want to upgrade but may not want to splurge on yourself. This means they’re the perfect gift option for any lady in your life! The Favorite Jacket is lightweight and is excellent for those living in a milder climate. Our Definitive Coat is lightly padded, providing more warmth while it is super fashionable over any outfit she has planned!

Everybody Loves Denim

What’s better than getting a high-quality denim style for the holidays?! We just launched a few standouts in our buttery soft Tencel® denim that are sure to have her excited to get dressed in the morning! Our new Mendocino Tunic was designed based on the shape of our best-selling Tiburon Tunic. It’s flowy, versatile, and looks great on everyone. The Between The Lines Tunic gives a bit more shape with its multiple panels, contrast stitching, and functional side pockets. The Ultimate Tunic is another excellent option with its unique design details and practical side seam pockets (who doesn’t love hidden pockets?!) Finish off her denim collection with our organic cotton Criss-Cross  Denim Knit Leggings to pair with any sweater, top, or jacket in her closet!

Showstopping Jewelry

Jewelry is always an excellent option for holiday gifting, but you should make it reflect her style and personal tastes. ESKANDAR carries a range of designers who create truly unique pieces. From the word art by Serge Thorval to the more ethereal pieces by Rose Maria formed out of oxidized metal, semi-precious stones, and diamonds. If you’re looking for something more casual, we’ve hand-selected our jewelry collection of artisan pieces ranging from pounded metal statements to one-of-a-kind handcrafted baubles that celebrate authentic artisan design with beaded strands and clusters that explode with color and pattern.

New Shoes

New boots, flats, or heels are another great gift option this holiday season. Eileen Fisher is our pick for shoes this year because they carry a well-rounded collection of boots and other shoes to wear through this season and beyond. From stretch knit booties (one of our personal favorites) to flats, loafers, and even slippers–you can’t go wrong with their selection!

Winter Accessories

A new winter accessory is always a great idea if all else fails. Scarves, hats, gloves, and mittens are items she’ll put to use and may not think to invest in on her own. We’ve loved Smartwool recently because their things are both sustainable and stylish. They use regenerated and recycled nylon and merino wool for their beanies, scarves, and gloves, which aligns with our sustainability support in the garment industry.

Hand Felted Wrap

If you want a truly unique accessory, look no further and check out our Hand Felted Wrap available in two fabulous rich colors.  We are sure this is a gift she will cherish for many seasons.

Gifting Made Easy

Still undecided?  Let them decide. A gift card is a perfect gift you know they’ll LOVE.

Gifting or receiving some Stella Carakasi this year? Head to our Looks We Love page to discover how we style some of our favorite styles for the winter and beyond!

The Undeniable Allure of the Classic White Shirt

Did you know that in today’s day and age, most people usually only wear about 10% of what is hanging in their closet? After nearly three decades in the fashion business, I have evolved as a designer and woman. There are various things that have changed for me and for the many women I know. As we mature, we tend to value quality over quantity. Owning less but higher quality items has become more important to me, which translates directly into my fashion philosophy.

Decluttering one’s life across all levels and maximizing simplicity is not only good for the environment and the pocketbook but also super important for the soul. Creating space by simplifying one’s life opens doors to new opportunities and experiences.

Fearlessly Wear a White Shirt Anywhere, Everywhere, And in Any Season

So, what does this mean for my Stella Carakasi clothing brand? I set out to create versatile, flattering styles that you can feel good about wearing again and again. And while all clothing is designed to be worn in many different ways, no matter the occasion or season. There is one item that I will always have in my collection–a great white poplin shirt. The white shirt has been a high fashion staple for decades. Anne Fontaine, a French fashion designer, knows the magic power of the white shirt and has created a very successful international business based on the white blouse.

Carolina Herrera, another great American clothing designer has often been seen wearing a white shirt with many of her glamourous bottoms and is known for opting to wear a white shirt at her shows.

Why do we love a white poplin shirt?

Before we get into the ins and outs of the white shirt, I want to share just a few reasons why I am so passionate about every woman owning one:

1. It’s an investment! Trust me when I say this: a white poplin shirt is a piece you will want to invest in. It’s one of those clothing items that can be worn repeatedly regardless of your plans or the weather outside. A high-quality white shirt will last you years (because who wants to get rid of their favorite clothing item after just a few seasons?!

2. It will never go out of style. Because sustainability is a huge pillar of my beliefs, I strive to create designs that can be worn for years. Fast fashion and social media trends lead to millions of tons of clothing waste being dumped in landfills each year. A white poplin shirt is a classic, chic piece that will truly always be stylish!

3. A white shirt flatters every skin color The key to feeling confident in your white shirt is finding a shirt silhouette that suits your body type. Many of our white shirts are meant to fit and flatter most body shapes and sizes however, it may be a bit of trial and error at first to find the perfect shirt for you.

How to style a white shirt

A white shirt is a perfect addition to your wardrobe because it is versatile. You can wear it tied or tucked in, partially tucked, belted, or loose with a pair of jeans or leggings. Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear a white shirt:

Keep it slim

If you’re sporting a flowy, oversized tunic, opt for a slimmer pair of pants such as leggings. A tighter-fitting pair of pants worn with a flowy tunic gives some balance to the entire look. Plus, it will keep you feeling confident and comfortable all day. Our best-selling Tiburon Tunic looks great paired with our Slimming Ankle Pants for the office or the Criss Cross Denim Leggings for running errands.

Wide & Cropped

On the opposite end of the spectrum, try wearing a shorter shirt with a wider-leg, cropped pair of pants. For the same reason, this will keep your outfit looking proportional. The Wear Anywhere Shirt is a great option if you’re looking for a shorter style that still has some movement to it. We love pairing it with the Perfect Flood Pants for the ultimate office look and beyond! Just remember, it’s all about playing with proportions and figuring out what looks best on your body type.


At the end of the day, a white top is a simple style that also benefits from being elevated with accessories. Add a statement necklace or a beautiful scarf to really take your look up a notch. This is also an easy way to transform your daytime look into a nighttime outfit without having to change your clothes!

We’re always looking to design the next great white shirt.

Whether it’s an updated collar treatment, masterful pattern work, or curious details. The white shirt comes in more variations than we can count ranging from classic to unique. The perfect shirt for you is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. We strive to create the perfect shirt by taking some of the best attributes of our most popular styles and recreating them in a new way, a pocket here, a tuck there. Every detail counts. Our newest additions this season illustrate a delightful balance between style and versatility.

Showstopper Shirt

We think the name speaks for itself but if you’re not convinced, the new Showstopper Shirt is all about blending drama and practicality. The flattering front and back release tucks define the striking silhouette and add visual interest to this organic poplin top. There are even side seam pockets to add more versatility to this stunning style. While the Showstopper Shirt can be worn many different ways, we’ve been loving it paired with the Slimming Ankle Pants for the perfect, stylish work look.

Wish List Shirt

 Thoughtful details and exquisite pattern play on the brand new Wish List Shirt amp up the charisma of this season’s “must-have” button-up. The flattering deep V-neck, smart 3-button cuff and back tucks add a sophisticated touch. Unique side slit inserts cleverly hide the on-seam pockets giving this unique style some added utility that punctuates the irresistible and enduring charm of this sweet fashion piece. We like to take the Wish List Shirt a little more casual by pairing it with our super cozy Tencel® Criss Cross Denim Knit Leggings

The perfect white shirt–not as basic as you may think!

You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay I hear you, but I like a little more flair to my outfits than just a white poplin shirt.” While many of our styles have an interesting silhouette to them, we just launched three brand-new styles that go beyond your basic white poplin shirt. We are so excited about these pieces because they’re not only interesting to look at, but they offer just as much versatility as any white shirt or tunic would! What’s not to love?!

Crossroads Tunic

Our Crossroads Tunic is a style that feels both timeless and new. And with this shirt, the design is truly in the details. It has yarn-dyed stripes, cut-up paneling, and unique asymmetries at the hem and collar. The Crossroads Tunic feels like a piece that you can throw on with a pair of chic leggings and run out the door. It doesn’t need much styling which makes it perfect for those who want to keep things easy in the mornings. 

Attitude Shirt

Now, this is an interesting shirt! The Attitude Shirt is a crisp black and white yarn-dyed top that keeps things appealing with the unique pattern play work. It boasts an oversized fit that looks amazing paired with the Perfect Flood Pants. This is truly a look that can be easily transformed from day to night with just the right accessories and layering pieces!

Center Stage Shirt

A classic yarn-dyed pinstripe shirt with a twist. Crafted in a high-quality cotton poplin fabric the Center Stage Shirt offers a smooth finish with just the right amount of stretch for an effortlessly easy fit. A flattering A-line shape lends itself beautifully to the intricate pattern work. The unique side seam construction resolves cleverly into hidden front pockets while the perfectly placed back panels create a delightful chevron design on this easygoing bias-cut silhouette. A classic stand-up collar and buttoned cuffs finish this exquisitely designed button-up.

A white button-up shirt is the ultimate in effortless, simple, and chic styling. It suits all age groups and should be a staple and basic piece within every woman’s wardrobe. Once you find the right Stella Carakasi white poplin shirt, you can feel free to play around with the different colorway options we offer to add a bright pop of color to your wardrobe!

For more outfit inspirations check out our new Looks We Love Page.

Seasonal Shift: First Look at Fall

After a long hot summer, there’s nothing better than enjoying the crisp autumn air and creating your go-to fall looks. From sweaters to lightweight jackets and vests–fall fashion is unmatched. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe for the upcoming fall season, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a few of our favorite fall finds, including some brand-new Stella Carakasi launches!

Fresh denim

Denim is a staple fabric all year round, and during the fall season, it can help you keep warm during chilly mornings, but it can also be lightweight enough to wear during the warmer afternoons. We love denim tunics made from sustainable 100% Tencel® fabric this season. We’re launching three brand new styles this season, the Mendocino Tunic, the Ultimate Tunic, and the Between The Lines Tunic, and all are in-house and ready to ship!

The Mendocino Tunic is a slightly shaped, over-the-hip triumph of simplicity and comfort. Inspired by the classic shape of our best-selling Tiburon Tunic. This 100% Tencel® denim protégée keeps some of the best attributes of its like-minded cousin. The welted front pockets and flowy pleated back panel for extra ease are a shoo-in. The antique metal button detail on the generous ¾ sleeves and button front placket complement the garment-washed color on this beautiful eco-denim topper.

The easy A-line shape and curious button-front placket of the Ultimate Tunic are the first things you will notice on this unique “artist smock.” The slight drop shoulder, bracelet length sleeves, and center back exude total comfort. At the same time, the convenient side seam pockets and double-needle accents give this piece some added utility and punctuate the irresistible and enduring charm of this throw-on-and-go 100% Tencel® denim charmer.

And last but not least, not your traditional button-up! The Between The Lines Tunic boasts classic double-needle stitching detail on multiple front and back panels of silky soft 100% Tencel® denim. The slightly shaped A-line silhouette, practical side seam pockets, and release back tuck makes this delightful top all about comfort and movement.

Perfect poplin

If denim isn’t quite your look, you may want to opt for one of our unique organic cotton poplin button-ups. Poplin shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn in many ways for many occasions. From the office to date night to running errands, the options are endless. Our best-selling Tiburon Tunic is a staple for year-round wear. It’s made to fit and flatter most body shapes and can be worn in several different ways. Plus, the Tiburon Tunic is available in several new deep autumn shades that are perfect for the fall season!

The Center Stage and Wear Anywhere Shirts are both unique takes on the more traditional poplin shirting. The Center Stage Shirt has an A-line shape and hidden on-seam pockets in the front. The intricate pattern work creates a flare effect at the bottom of the shirt making this silhouette extremely flattering. The Wear Anywhere Shirt boasts an oversized fit with a high-low hem and deep side slits. It is a seasonal shirt that anyone can wear for all seasons, dressed up or down! 

Sweater weather

Nothing screams fall like a cozy, chic sweater. Sweaters and cardigans can be worn layered under jackets, on their own with stylish trousers, and so much more. Two of our favorites this autumn are the brand new Masterpiece Sweater and our best-selling Go-To Cardigan. The Masterpiece Sweater can only be described as fabulous and highly unique. It’s made with two very different diagonally placed stitches and a color-blocked hem to create a unique design. This is genuinely a sweater that you can throw on and go!

Our Go-To Cardigan has been a fan favorite for many seasons now, and this fall, we’re super excited to introduce four new colorways–Atlantis, Aubergine, Magenta, and Saffron. The Go To Cardigan is super easy to style and knitted from soft cotton and Modal® yarn. The new autumn colors are the perfect way to add a bit of spice to your fall wardrobe! 

Wear the pants

Are you looking to stay comfortable and casual this season? We’ve got you covered with three of our top pants! The Perfect Flood Pants are a wide-leg style at the perfect length to pair with your favorite tall fall boots. They have a flat elastic waist and are comfortable enough to wear around the house or to the office. If you’re looking for a more fitted style, check out the Lounge Dress Pants or the Slimming Ankle Pants.

The Lounge Dress Pants may look like regular trousers, but don’t let that fool you! These bottoms are incredibly comfortable and feel like you’re wearing sweatpants. Similarly, our best-selling Slimming Ankle Pants are another great option. They fit a bit tighter than the Lounge Dress Pants but still have that flattering and ultra-comfortable fit.

Layers on layers

And we can’t forget about the layers! Layering in autumn is crucial to stay chic and comfortable during those cool mornings and warm afternoons. Our Favorite Jacket is the perfect lightweight option to keep you stylish and protected against falling rain. Simply throw it over any look for an upgraded outfit! The Cozy Up Coat is another excellent option for those chilly autumn days. It’s made from wool and viscose blend, making it ideal for transitional seasons like fall. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor wear to keep you warm! Our Take Note Vest is always a good idea for the fall season. It looks great on many body types and adds the look of layered pieces without being too heavy.

Pile it on

Autumn is all about the accessories! Fall accessories are ideal for serving both function and fashion. Chic boots, an oversized tote, and a standout necklace are all on our must-have autumn accessory lists. We currently have our eyes on the Chip Boots by Coclico. They’re knee-high style in black leather. These boots can be worn with many different outfits and look great on everyone!

Fall can be a busy time, so don’t forget your Coach Willow Tote to help you carry everything around. It comes in two rich colors, perfect for the season, and will hold up for many years. And make sure to finish off your look with a stunning statement necklace! The Brass Feather Bib Necklace from the Banana Republic is a great option.

Head to our “Looks We Love page” to see some of these designs styled for the autumn season!       

Effortlessly Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into the Fall Season

Now that it’s September, you may be wondering how to stretch your summer wardrobe to get the most out of the change in seasons. Our top tip? Anything that you add to your wardrobe needs to shift from season to season effortlessly! Let’s look at a few ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall seamlessly.

Denim, the perfect year-round fabric

If there is one fabric that should be in your closet year-round, it’s denim! Denim is a base fabric that can be transformed to fit effortlessly into any season. Pair your favorite denim with pops of autumn colors or keep it modern and clean with a crisp white button-up shirt and add layers of darker neutrals and deeper fall colors as the temperature starts to drop. The 100% Tencel® denim we use at Stella Carakasi is soft, silky, and sustainable and our denim knit leggings are made from organic cotton.

Here are a few of our denim must-haves for the new season:

Prime Time Tunic– The Prime Time Tunic is a closet classic that you will wear over and over. We’ve engineered the perfect Tencel® denim tunic, and it’s been a hit! It’s not just the easy-fitting A-line shape with its flattering shirttail hem or the uniquely designed side seam pockets. It’s how you feel the moment you put it on.

Storyteller Tunic– This silky soft Tencel® denim tunic is the perfect top to wear when you want to look both stylish and comfortable. The clean lines and the flattering A-line shape with its high/ low hem give this style a sophisticated edge, while the bracelet-length sleeves and front pockets keep the casual vibe in check.

Heatwave Tunic– Our Tencel® denim Heatwave Tunic brings a fresh perspective to traditional denim with sustainable comfort that reads modern and chic but with a relaxed mood that our customer has come to live in. Contrast stitching, decorative button-loop design, and deep side slits offer the perfect balance of style and comfort. It also features handy front pockets!

City Pants– These pants are perfect for cool and warm seasons alike. The soft Tencel® denim fabric will make you feel comfortable and stylish. The easy fit and the flattering cropped design make these pants an ideal year-round choice for any casual event.

Can’t Resist Tunic– Sustainable style starts with the fabric and we love the look and feel of sustainable denim. Our Can’t Resist Tunic reads modern and chic with elevated detailing and an effortlessly polished approach to off-duty dressing.

All Attitude Shirt– An “artist shirt” with uncompromising comfort and pockets! The wrap-around back panel features unique side seams that resolve into deep side slits creating perfect drape and graceful movement.

Criss Cross Denim Knit Leggings Soft and stretchy are our two favorite words when it comes to our knit denim. Our playful, eco-friendly Criss Cross Leggings are crafted in soft, organic cotton denim knit. Flattering seaming and a unique crisscross ankle detail finish these ultra-cozy versatile leggings. Dress them up or down. A true closet hero that can go from casual days at home to evening celebrations.

Pair with the perfect layers

What’s autumn without layering?! A cropped jacket over a lightweight sweater paired with your favorite jeans, a cardigan over a poplin top, or a long sleeve tunic over your favorite leggings–there are so many options to transform your summer styles into smashing fall looks!

A lightweight jacket is key

As the transition between summer and fall begins, cool mornings and warm afternoons are soon to follow. A lightweight jacket is key to mastering late summer/early autumn temperatures. Our Favorite Jacket is a total game changer. It incorporates fun moto-inspired details and an easy A-line shape for a season-defining look. Pair the Favorite Jacket with our Criss Cross Leggings in Birch, Black, or even your favorite denim to keep your look clean and modern. Add a crisp white poplin top and tiptoe into the fall season with colorful accessories.

If a cropped jacket is more your speed, check out our Style to Spare Jacket. This lightweight jacket is perfect for layering during the early fall season and it features edgy moto-inspired details. Pair the Style to Spare Jacket over a crisp white button-up shirt. Finish off the look with a pair of organic cotton denim or stretch Ponte leggings!

Cozy cardigans

There is nothing quite like wrapping up in a cozy cardigan during those chilly fall mornings and evenings. Our Go-To Cardigan is a fan favorite season after season because of its comfort, versatility, and extremely flattering shape. It comes in three neutral colors that pair perfectly with any autumn color palette.

Perfect poplin

One of the most versatile pieces that you can own is a classic, yet chic poplin button-up. It can be styled in so many ways across every single season. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion! At Stella Carakasi, we take pride in our high-quality organic cotton poplin fabric. Our button-ups are some of our most popular styles for their maximum comfort and easy-fitting shapes. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our community’s favorite styles below:

Tiburon Tunic– Crisp organic cotton poplin and stretchy Modal® jersey team up to create one of our most popular styles. The smart poplin front reveals a modern architectural shape. The half-sleeves and side welt pockets keep this piece on the casual side while the slightly pleated stretch jersey back exudes total comfort.

Prime Time Tunic– Relaxed and feminine, understated & refined. Our Prime Time Tunic is a closet classic. Its easy A-line shape, high/low hem, and convenient side-seam pockets make this best-selling button-up a true wardrobe hero that you will wear over and over. Available in chambray, soft white, and black.

Twice As Nice Shirt– Instantly elevate your look! Our unique Twice As Nice organic cotton stretch poplin shirt cleverly blurs the line between business and casual. Pair it with your favorite jeans or our super-stretch Love the Look Leggings for a comfortable statement that looks casual and dressy at the same time.

Works Every Time Shirt– Smart comfortable and always on-point. Who doesn’t love a top with pockets? Our Works Every Time Shirt is a well-made non-trendy staple with unexpected design details that read modern and chic but with an easy relaxed vibe. Featuring convenient front pockets, a sleek covered button placket, an easy A-line shape, and unique deep hem design, the Works Every Time Tunic is a timeless hard-working, forever-stylish staple that won’t let you down.

Wear Anywhere Shirt– Wear Anywhere. Go everywhere! The classic poplin button-up with a modern twist. Perfectly oversized in every which way, the Wear Anywhere Shirt is equally easy and refined, its high-low hem and oversized pocket detailing bring versatile dependability to any outfit pairing—it’s the stylish staple we’ve all been waiting for.

Inspired Shirt– We’ve taken the best attributes of our most popular styles and combined them to create a fabulous new shirt. The easy-fitting Modal® jersey back with its forward-facing side seams connects to a flattering, organic cotton poplin front. Style and comfort delivered!

The ultimate tunic

Speaking of versatile tops, a tunic is another staple for the fall season (and beyond!) It can be elevated for a nice dinner or made casual for running errands. Whatever your plans are, a tunic will always be a good option.

The Indulgence Tunic features sophisticated front and back tucks, side seam pockets, and architecturally designed set-in sleeves. Everything about it radiates comfort and style. Our iconic Tiburon Tunic is made from crisp organic cotton poplin and stretchy Modal™ jersey. The half-sleeves and welt pockets keep this piece on the practical side while the slightly pleated stretch jersey back exudes total comfort. To dress up either tunic, simply throw a belt on top to go seamlessly from the office to dinner.

Essential all-season bottoms

And you can’t forget about the bottoms! For the early fall season, you’ll want a pair of bottoms that can keep you comfortable all day long. We are loving our Tencel® Ponte bottoms because they are super soft, stretchy, and come in several different styles. These all-year-around go-to styles are sure to make fall dressing a snap! 

Slimming Ankle Pants– Forget the skinny jeans! These Ponte pants offer amazing stretch, control, and comfort. The side seam moves towards the center as it moves up the leg, making this flattering ankle pant a best seller. 

Love the Look Leggings– Smooth lines and fabulous curves! Who needs shapewear when you can be comfy in the Love the Look Leggings? Comfort, style, and stretch have a whole new meaning when it comes to these Ponte knit pants. The front center seam smooths and flatters the hips, while the distinct leg detail is an updated take on the silhouette people just can’t get enough of. Love the Fit. Love the Feel. Love the Look.

Criss Cross Leggings– A playful legging in soft Tencel® Ponte knit with flattering seaming on the front and back and a delightful crisscross ankle detail. Our lightweight Ponte Criss Cross Leggings are that go-to piece in your wardrobe that just works… or plays, and the one piece that will always make it into your suitcase every time.

Lounge Dress Pants– Business casual at its best! These sustainable wrinkle-free Tencel® Ponte Lounge Dress Pants feel “loungy” enough to wear around the house but won’t interrupt your fashion decorum if you happen to wear them around town. Office approved and yoga ready, a pant to live in 24/7.

Don’t forget the accessories!

The right accessories are an easy way to upgrade your look for the new season.

Swap out your shoes

Out with the sandals and in with the closed-toe loafers and ankle boots. The SACCA Donna Suede Loafers by M.GEMI come in several different shades to complement every fall outfit. More into boots or flats? Check out the Ravenna Suede Booties or the Gia Flats to switch up your style this season!

Throw on a scarf

scarf is always a good idea for the transition from summer to fall because it not only adds to your look but also keeps you warm on those cool nights. This season we’re obsessed with the lightweight 100% Cashmere scarves from OVCIO which come in many beautiful colors.

About face

Aligned with our own brand values, we’re huge fans of beauty brands that focus on clean, organic ingredients. One of our recent favorites?! CRUNCHI! Crunchi products are formulated with natural, certified-organic ingredients. Their Shadow Bar Eyeshadow Palette delivers smooth, mixable pigments that are easy to apply and long-lasting. They offer a variety of colors perfect for the autumn season, like warm coppers, rich browns, and burnt oranges. Just because it’s the fall doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your makeup! 

Top it off with a hat

While you may be able to store away your sun hat, that doesn’t mean that hats should completely go away for the season! We’re loving the selection of hats by WILL+BEAR. The Andy Cream is a classic fedora made from stiffened Australian wool. It comes in a wonderful range of neutrals from bone to copper and dark coffee- and a great selection of hand-woven palm straw. Their wool beanies caught our eye as well in beautiful autumn shades that will take you well into the winter season. And the best part? They plant a tree for every hat purchased! A win-win for you and the environment.

Head on over to our Looks We Love page for more outfit inspiration.

What to Wear: Versatile Styles for Every Occasion

What to wear: versatile styles for every occasion
An image of a girl wearing while polo as one of the styles for every occasion

In a world where most people are on top of buying into the latest trends or spending their money on a new wardrobe each season, there has been an opposing re-emergence of a less-is-more versatility in fashion. Some call this a capsule wardrobe, while others call it a wise investment into high-quality garments. Whatever you call it, buying versatile, comfortable, and top-quality clothing helps our environment and makes getting dressed in the morning much easier! And just because they’re versatile, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. We’re here to show you our top 11 versatile items you can wear from Sunday brunch to box seats with just a change of accessories!

An collage image of a girl wearing a tunic as one of the styles for every occasion

The Essential Tunic

Tunics are one of the most versatile styles of clothing you can own because they can be worn to the office on Monday, dinner on Friday, and brunch with your friends on Sunday! 

Our best-selling Tiburon Tunic has hundreds of 5-star reviews and is available in 8 standout colors for every season. It boasts a unique architectural design with convenient on-seam pockets! The organic cotton poplin front and Modal® jersey pleated back panel are a flattering combination that will keep you cool and comfortable all season long. Our brand new Indulgence Tunic is another great option for day-to-evening wear. With this top, it’s all in the details! Think side seam pockets, front and back tucks, and easy fitting architecturally set sleeves. To jazz up a tunic for nighttime, simply belt it and throw on a pair of heels!  

An image of a girl wearing a button-up shirt as one of the styles for every occasion

Button-up Shirt

Forget what you know about button-up shirts because our Inspired Shirt and Prime Time Tunic are far from boring! We took a few of the best attributes from our best-selling Tiburon Tunic and created the Inspired Shirt. The easy-fitting Modal® jersey back with its forward-facing side seams connects to a flattering, organic cotton poplin front. Style and comfort delivered! 

The Prime Time Tunic is another best-seller and features an easy A-line shape with unique side seam pockets. The ideal style for staying at home, dropping into the office, or even a casual night out on the town. Whether you’re working or playing, a button-up shirt will become your new BFF!

An image of a girl wearing a black blouse as one of the styles for every occasion

Every Occasion Blouse

A daytime upgrade or an evening out blouse? Either way, sign us up! The Front Row Blouse is one of those tops that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. It’s the perfect mix of classic detail and modern style that you can dress up or keep casual depending on the occasion. What makes this blouse up a notch is the stunning back pleats that keep you effortlessly chic no matter where you’re headed! 

Tencel® Ponte Bottoms

We can’t forget about the bottoms! If you’re looking for bottoms to take you from day to night, you’re going to need something flattering and comfortable. Look no further than our line of Tencel® stretch Ponte bottoms. The Slimming Ankle Pants will have you feeling like you’re wearing leggings with the look of slim-fit trousers. Want to take it up a notch? Check out our Tencel Criss-Cross Leggings for comfort, breathability, and style. And don’t leave out the cropped styles! The Just Right Cropped Pants are easy-fitting and look great paired with any top. The easy neutral colors of these pants make them a worry-free choice whatever the occasion. 

A collage image of a girl wearing a tie dyed top as one of the styles fot every occasion

Comfy Jersey Top

Yes, even an elevated jersey top can be worn running errands and on an evening dinner date! Our Island Hopper Top looks like a stunning blouse but feels like a comfy t-shirt. It’s made with a soft Modal® jersey and features a beautiful cowl neck with a color-blocked body. Pair the Island Hopper Top with leggings and bold jewelry for a night out on the town! Our Tie Dyed Every Day Tee is another great option for all of the print-lovers out there. The fabric feels like clouds on your skin and the print will have you standing out from the rest. The top can be layered and dressed up or down depending on how you style it. What’s not to love?!

Bigger than Beauty

Versatility goes beyond the closet and should make its way into your vanity as well! We’ve been loving Thrive Causemetics because of its philosophy that goes beyond just appearance to empower women from the inside out! All their products are vegan and free of animal testing, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, and gluten. You can even build your own set of makeup products to get exactly what you’re looking for. Talk about a low-waste beauty option. 

An image of a girl wearing jackets as one of the styles for every occasion

Lightweight Jacket

A lightweight jacket is the perfect day-to-night piece, especially as the sun starts to go down. Our Favorite Jacket and Style to Spare Jacket are both great options to keep you comfortable without having to sacrifice style. From evening soirées to unexpected weekend getaways, a lightweight jacket is an absolute must for all your upcoming plans.

An image of jewelry as one of the styles for every occasion

Ethical Bling

Ethical jewelry can be tough to find in today’s market. That’s why we love Brilliant Earth. They are a sustainable, compassionate, and inclusive company that won’t make you choose between quality and conscience. We’re particularly eyeing their line of birthstone pendants which are simple yet add a bit of color to your summer looks.

An image of a girl wearing classic tops as one of the styles for every occasion

Classic Cotton Top

If you lean towards more of a classic style, you’re going to want to check out our Center Stage Shirt. This top is easy to wear and looks great on all body shapes because of its flattering A-line shape. The Center Stage Shirt is truly the perfect style to take from the work day to night time,–workweek to weekend celebrations. Plus, it’s available in Black, Soft White, and fine black yarn-dyed stripes!

A collage image of hair accessories as one of the styles for every occasion

Summer Hair

Adding hair accessories to your look is an easy yet unexpected way to upgrade your entire outfit. France Luxe has an amazing selection of summer hair accessories from headbands to claw clips to barrettes and so much more. France Luxe is our current favorite hair accessory brand because of its old-world craftsmanship and stunning modern style.

Don’t forget the Shoes!

The POPPY shoes from FRANKiE4 are some of the most versatile shoes because they can be worn as casual flats for the daytime or dressed up for nighttime occasions. If you’re looking for a heel we’re loving the Paige Sandal, it’s got foot cushioning, arch support, and a heel cradle to make walking in heels a breeze. They are made to be extremely supportive and comfortable on the foot while never sacrificing style. 

A Little Bit of Color is What Summer is All About!

The girl is wearing a dark pink colored to show what summer is all about.

There are a thousand good things to gush about when summer rolls around, from the warm sand under your feet to family barbecues and relaxing vacations–what’s not to love about summer?! And while we are also huge summertime advocates here at Stella Carakasi, one of our favorite things about the warmer months is the bright colors! There is nothing quite like switching out your winter wardrobe in place of some colorful, uplifting styles to get you through the heat. And if you’re looking for some staples to add to your collection and take you through summer (and beyond!) you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down some of our favorite bright-colored pieces to show off no matter what you have planned this summer!

Airy tunic

If there is one staple that you wear over and over again it should be a comfy tunic top. Tunics can be worn for a stroll around a new town, with trousers to the office, paired with denim for a lunch date, and so much more! Because of their airy nature, you’ll also be able to stay as cool as a cucumber in this effortless loose-fitting style. Our Prime Time Tunic is one of our bestsellers and is available in nine standout colors. Our favorites for the summertime? Kiwi, Hibiscus, Lagoon, Iris, and Chambray! Our preferred way to wear the Prime Time Tunic is with a slim pair of ankle pants or a flowy pair of denim cropped pants, depending on your plans for the day! Our Tencel® Criss Cross Leggings in Soft White look great paired with bright colors, and the Tencel® denim City Pants are perfect for a hot casual summer day.

The girl is wearing a tie dyed top to show what summer is all about.

Comfortable tee

An exciting yet comfortable tee is great for those summer days when you just need something easy to wear. The Tie Dyed Every Day Tee feels like silk against the skin and is available in three fresh, tie-dyed colorways.

We love to pair this top with our Just Right Cropped Pants or the Slimming Ankle Pants in Soft White to make the top pop. While this outfit may seem simple, it will help to keep you chic and stylish without having to put too much effort into it! 

Flattering jersey top

A super-soft top that is available in three striking dip-dyed colors?! Sign us up! Meet the Raise the Bar Top (AKA, one of our favorite picks for the warmer months.) It’s a super flattering Modal™ jersey top that feels fresh and insanely easy to style. To make things casual, pair it with some easy denim leggings like our Criss-Cross Denim Knit Leggings or a cropped version, the Denim Knit Second Nature Capris. They come in both a dark and vintage wash and are the perfect warm-weather jeans alternative. To dress things up a bit, try wearing it with the Slimming Ankle Pants in Soft White.

The girl is wearing a denim tunic to show what summer is all about.

Denim tunic

A flowy denim tunic is another must-have for any season. We just released our new Storyteller Tunic as part of our summer collection. It is the perfect combination of style and comfort. The A-line shape fits and flatters most body shapes, while the breathable Tencel® denim fabric keeps you feeling great.

The girl is wearing a printed top to show what summer is all about.

Versatile printed top

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, printed top in their closet that they can wear to work, running errands, date night, or weekend getaways? Our team is always focused on the wearability of our styles which is why we designed the Illusion Tunic. This top is primarily neutral but features pops of pale blue and soft yellow throughout the stunning painterly print. It can be worn across many seasons as it’s easy to layer. It looks great when worn with our Criss-Cross Ponte Leggings in Soft White to bring out the cool summer vibe. 

Walkable shoes

Adding new summer shoes to your collection can be a struggle if you’re looking for both comfort and style. So, let us help you with a few of our favorite picks! The Pier sandals from Naot are a great option if you want something stylish and versatile without running the risk of sore feet at the end of the day. They have a wedged heel and are made with a padded leather lining to keep you comfortable throughout the day. For the office or dressier events, try a simple pair of flats that will keep your feet cool and you looking chic. Our current pick is the Henri Flats by Coclico. And if you’re in search of a little bit of heel, head straight towards the Richie Clog from Coclico! All of these shoes work with a ton of outfits and are incredibly comfortable. What more could you ask for?! 

Summertime tote

A tote in the summer is essential, whether you’re planning a beach trip, a picnic in the park, or just running some errands! The Land’s End Open Top Canvas Bag is versatile and can be used for just about any activity you can think of. It’s sold in seven different colors and sizes to meet your personal needs. And the best part? You can even embroider it! Let Land’s End personalize it with your very own initials! 

Much-needed SPF

No matter where you live or what your skin tone is, don’t forget the sunscreen! The SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer by Juice Beauty is one of our favorites because it’s not sticky, won’t leave a weird residue or white cast on your skin, and is made with all-star ingredients like aloe vera and pomegranate. What’s not to love?!

The girl is wearing a hat to show what summer is all about.

Protective hat

Although SPF is made to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, there’s nothing wrong with accessorizing with a cute yet functional hat! Hats not only add an extra layer of sun protection for your skin, but they also help shield your eyes and hair from getting damaged by the sun, all while keeping you stylish! Our current favorite hat comes from Wallaroo Hat Company, and it’s their Victoria Fedora Sun Hat. It’s incredibly lightweight and has UPF 50+ sun protection! It comes in many different colors to match all of your summertime outfits, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for sun protection.

And don’t forget the sunglasses!

Finding flattering sunglasses can be challenging for many people as the shape of everyone’s face differs so much. One of the most versatile sunglass shapes is the subtle cat-eye because the pointed edges lift the face and aren’t too overpowering on a smaller head. Check out the Cat Eye Sunglasses from a brand called & Other Stories if you’re in search of a simple, yet elegant pair of shades for the summer months.

If cat-eyes aren’t your thing, aviators are another flattering sunglass shape for many people. The Warby Parker Raider Sunglasses are available in six different colors and can even be made with your prescription lenses! Talk about a win-win.

Head on over to our Looks We Love page for more summertime outfit inspiration to keep you bright and stylish all season long!

Bon Voyage! Must-Have Packing List for Your Next Destination

It’s finally almost summer which means hot days lounging by the water, ice cream dates, and of course, vacation! After a long winter, there is nothing better than spending time with loved ones on a relaxing or exciting trip– whether that’s at the beach, in the mountains, or in between! If you’re heading out for a new adventure this season and aren’t sure what to pack, we’ve got you covered with an essential packing list no matter what type of environment you’re heading to.

The model is wearing a loose sweater for  a vacation's must-have packing list.

Versatile, lightweight sweaters

Who says sweaters can only be worn in the wintertime? Our new Lazy Days Sweater is a short-sleeve knit top that features a unique and stylish design. It’s lightweight, looks great on most body shapes, and can be worn for many different occasions! To dress up the Lazy Days Sweater, pair it with our Just Right Cropped Pants. To dress it down, the Denim Knit Second Nature Capris are the perfect option! 

Another elevated, breezy summer sweater is our tried and true Starburst Top made from a combed cotton and Modal® yarn, which is breathable, super comfy, and looks great with a variety of bottoms. It has a flattering scoop neckline, a beautiful starburst knit design on the front, and a high/low hem which makes it easy to style. We love pairing the Starburst Top with a stretchy pair of bottoms like our Denim Knit Second Nature Capris, Just Right Cropped Pants, and our Tencel® denim Details Flood Pants. If it’s going to be a bit chilly where you’re headed, top off the Starburst Top with a light cardigan or jacket

The model is wearing a long black dress for a vacation's must have packing list.

Comfy dress

An easy-fitting, versatile dress is an absolute must-have on any vacation. You can wear it for casual outings like a day of shopping or walking around town, but you can also dress it up with strappy sandals and a nice sweater! Our Day After Day Dress is a refreshed version of a classic jersey dress. It features multiple tucks in the front and back to make it incredibly flattering and even has pockets! 

Comfortable shoes

If you’re planning on exploring your destination, it’s a no-brainer to pack a comfortable yet cute pair of shoes. If you’re more of a sneaker kind of gal, we love the Birkenstock Bend Natural Leather Sneaker. If sandals are more your speed, opt for the Cardinal Sandal by Coclico. Both options will keep you comfortable and stylish no matter what your day has in store! 

The model is wearing a tee for a vacation's must have packing list.

Travel-ready tee

An elevated tee is always ideal to pack because you can wear it while you’re traveling, and you can dress it up when you arrive at your destination! The new Tie Dyed Every Day Tee is a great addition to your suitcase due to its comfort and versatility. This top is so easy to style with cropped pants, a cropped jacket, or a comfy cardigan for those cool nights. It comes in three new colorways and is crafted from ultra-soft Modal® and Spandex.

The model is wearing a blouse for a vacation's must-have packing list.

Bright-colored top

If you’re usually into neutral tones, summertime is the perfect season to break out of your shell and add some bright colors to your wardrobe, especially when you’re on vacation!

Our Raise the Bar top is available in three beautiful dip-dyed colors to bring a little pop to your collection–Hibiscus, Lagoon, and Kiwi. This is another extremely easy-fitting top that can be worn with almost anything! We love pairing it with our Tencel® Criss Cross Leggings or Denim Knit Second Nature Capris, and of course, you can’t forget a cardigan for any chilly air-conditioned restaurants! 

Glowy makeup

The easiest way to choose your vacation makeup routine is to find a kit that will provide you with all the essentials you’ll need while traveling. This could include eyeshadow, blush, mascara, and more! Two of our favorite summer makeup kits are the W3ll People Starter Kit and the Honest No Makeup Makeup Kit. Both of these options will provide you with everything you need to stay glowy and bright this summer!  

The model is wearing a shades for a vacation's must have packing list.

Classic shades

It’s easy to forget a simple accessory like sunglasses when packing-which is why it’s so important to add it to your packing list now! The Aubrey Sunglasses by Warby Parker are timeless and can elevate any look (all while keeping your eyes protected!)

The model is wearing a hat for a vacation's must have packing list.

Sun hat

Heading somewhere sunny? Then you can’t forget a sun hat for style and protection! We’ve been loving the Victoria Hat from Wallaroo for its affordable price point and a large selection of colors. 

The model is wearing a jacket for a vacation's must have packing list.

Water-repellent jacket

Even in warm destinations, rainy, cool, and breezy nights can make the air chilly. A lightweight, water-repellent jacket like our new cropped Style to Spare Jacket or the longer Favorite Jacket are the perfect vacation companions because they’re easy to pack and will keep you dry and warm during those cool nights! 

The model is wearing a versatile blouse for a vacation's must have packing list.

Versatile blouse

A stylish blouse is an essential style to bring on any vacation because it’s easy to style and can be worn in so many ways. Our new Front Row Blouse is a modern take on the traditional button-up because of its stunning pleated back. We love to wear this blouse with our Just Right Cropped Pants or  Tencel® Criss Cross Leggings!

Travel bag

Last but certainly not least, you can’t forget the perfect bag to carry with you throughout your travels! To make traveling a little bit easier, we like to bring a sturdy tote bag along for the ride to carry all our essentials while also staying chic. The Kånken Tote from Fjällräven is the ultimate travel bag as it transforms from a tote bag to a backpack and back again! It’s available in 13 fun colors to keep you bright for the summertime. If you’re more of a traditional tote bag kind of gal, the Rhapsody Essential Nylon Tote from Briggs & Riley opts for a more classic silhouette. But don’t let that fool you; this tote is heavy-duty and water-resistant, making it perfect for whatever is on your travel itinerary! 

Need more vacation outfit inspiration? Head to our Looks We Love page to check out our current favorite looks!

Fashion’s Disconnect and its True Cost

With a realization of a much-needed change, I saw the disconnect between what the fashion industry was producing and what they were telling women and the message just wasn’t resonating with me or the many women I connected with throughout my career, actually, it never did!

Why Stella Carakasi?

Women are a force, and their voices are finally being heard across all sectors of life including fashion. 68% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or larger with the average being a size 16, yet most fashion brands ignore these sizes. Instead, they continue designing for the slender hourglass figure, reinforcing the “ideal” body type through mainstream media which has inflicted self-confidence issues upon women for decades. It is clear, that women size 14 or larger don’t fit the “ideal” fashion industry mold and mainstream fashion brands don’t care about them.

A number is just a number, but some of us let the number on the label destroy our confidence. Even worse, we body shame ourselves to the point where shopping for clothing becomes a humiliating experience especially when brands don’t offer our size.

At Stella Carakasi, we decided to create an inclusive fashion brand where a size 22 can shop the same way as a size 2 (XS-2XL). True inclusivity to us means designing clothing in a size continuum without calling the larger sizes plus size. Separating sizes into “regular” and “plus” is not inclusive and we set out to change this. We intend to continue expanding our size range as we scale and to embrace the many women that have been left out of the fashion conversation.

Our obsession with quality and fit results in comfortable, sustainable, and timeless designs which defines our style. We are passionate about creating a fashionable antidote to the limited aesthetic variety that has long dominated this apparel sector- where styles are being produced without empathy for the environment and marketed to a non-diverse, youth-obsessed demographic. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes deserve to be seen and feel visible.

We are not ruled by anything of the moment or by trends, instead, we produce quality garments that have longevity. We are age, size and body shape inclusive and choose eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices throughout the entire supply chain, which is not only a choice but the way of the future.

When you look inside your closet and you see the various styles in beautiful colors and unique fabrics, do you ever think about the impact that your favorite pieces might have on the environment? If you answered no, you’re not alone. A vast majority of the world population doesn’t think twice about buying a new garment or purchasing an entirely new wardrobe each season. And while it is human nature to treat yourself and your loved ones to new clothing, what also matters is knowing how those garments were created and the lasting effects they might have on our planet.

Environmental impact of the fashion industry

Image showing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Environmental impact of the fashion industry

As it stands today, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest water-consuming industry right after agriculture (most of this wastewater is then returned to the earth untreated). On top of this, 85% of textiles end up in landfills every year and synthetic fabrics take hundreds of years to decompose. Textiles that are made from plastics (petrochemicals fibers) also end up polluting our oceans with tiny microplastics that poison our wildlife and food sources.

A huge reason why so many clothes end up in landfills has also to do with the fact that up to 50% of clothing is mindlessly produced with the wrong body shapes in mind, clothing that simply does not fit half of the female population while the other half has too many choices to select from, resulting in far too many styles that nobody wants.

Over the past few decades, the production of clothing has doubled while the average lifespan for these garments has been cut in half. This means that while people are buying more clothing than ever before, they’re wearing it for a much shorter time. This is a direct result of how the fast fashion industry has manipulated the mainstream customer’s shopping behavior.

Fast fashion, as most consumers are already aware of these days, is a sector of the fashion industry that offers low prices but also low quality, completely devaluating fashion and creating false consumer price expectations. Most people are drawn to fast, fashion retailers because it allows them to update their closets with a lot of new garments for a relatively cheap price. And what pushes the fast fashion industry forward is what is often referred to as ‘micro trends’, which are fashion trends that only last for a few months (or sometimes even a few weeks)! Sophisticated marketing makes people feel like they always need to have the hottest new items to be labeled as stylish –even if these pieces aren’t going to be in style anymore two months down the line. In addition, as technology advances, so does the textile industry. This means that retailers can manufacture clothing for a lower price, sell it for cheap, and continue pushing out new collections to entice people to keep buying all in the name of corporate greed.

The true cost of fashion

In addition to the horrible effects fast fashion has on our planet, it also creates a social and humanitarian crisis. Many fast-fashion retailers manufacture their garments in sweatshops forcing the local community to take incredibly low wages, suffer from unsafe working conditions, and live in areas where the water and air are dangerously polluted. The model of continuous buying and throwing away has a major impact on the environment and local population and is just going to get worse if we (as manufacturers, retailers, and consumers) don’t do something about it.

Women wearing sustainable clothing as a true cost of fashion.

Stella Carakasi’s commitment to sustainability and inclusivity

Here at Stella Carakasi, we lead with our values and we believe that every single person has the power to make a positive difference in this world with the choices we all make. Even our smallest decisions have the potential to collectively bring about big changes. It simply takes awareness to reclaim our voices and our power to alter the trajectory of the fashion industry and the health of our planet. We are committed to inspiring and leading by example, simply being the change we want to see in the world.  

  • The quality and timeless style of our garments is our number one priority during the design process. We want our beloved community to be able to fit and wear their favorite Stella Carakasi pieces again and again without having to worry about them falling apart or going out of style. Our styles are designed to be your core wardrobe, so instead of having to purchase many different items just to make a few outfits, our styles can be worn in many ways to create countless looks for many seasons to come. From the office to date nights to running errands, our high-quality designs can truly take you anywhere.
  • In addition to high-quality and stylish clothing, we also take the fit and comfort of our garments very seriously. Because when you feel good you look good– and vice versa! We create timeless silhouettes that are made to fit and flatter most body shapes and sizes whereas compared to a fast-fashion retailer, may only offer a limited size range with poor fits. Many of our fabrics are also extremely soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods, so it’s something you’ll want to wear over and over again. 
  • To maintain our high-quality pattern engineering and fit assurance across sizes, we develop everything in-house starting with the design process, fabric selection to pattern making, grading, and sample sewing until we know the styles are as perfect as they can be. We are sticklers for details and this is reflected in our high quality across everything we produce.
  • We choose our global manufacturers and fabric mills very carefully to ensure they are both the best option for the planet and the quality of our garments. Most of our manufacturers are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) partners and are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) compliant. While working with these manufacturing partners does drive up our costs, we think it’s important to push forward our sustainability and human rights commitments. Additionally, we prioritize using many sustainable fabrics for our garments including organic cotton poplinTencel® denim and PonteModel® jersey, and organic cotton jersey! 
  • Lastly, instead of releasing dozens of new collections each year, we like to take things slow. We fully stand behind slow fashion because we believe that less is more when less is better. We release thoughtfully curated styles so that you can update your wardrobe with designs that you will keep in your closet year after year. We also produce smaller batches of garments to ensure that nothing ends up in the landfill.

If you’d like to learn more about the impact the fast fashion industry has on the environment, we recommend watching the True Cost documentary for a quick and easily digestible education on this incredibly important topic! You can also learn more about our environmental commitments and initiatives here

Interested in learning how to create a variety of looks with only a few select styles?  Then check out our Looks We Love page for inspiration.

Navy Blue: A Classic Neutral for Every Season 

The model is wearing a navy blue colored shirt.

When it comes to neutral colors, Navy blue is often overlooked in most people’s wardrobes. Navy blue is the perfect neutral to have in your closet all year long because it’s flattering for all skin tones, easy to merchandise, and works with a lot of different colors! If you’re looking for navy blue outfit ideas and styles to add to your closet this season, you’ve come to the right place!  

The model is wearing a navy blue colored shirt.

Navy blue outfit ideas

Our best-selling Tiburon Tunic comes in 8 stunning colors with this rich Navy being one of them! The reason our customers love the Tiburon Tunic so much is because of its comfort and versatility. This top can be worn in many different ways; to the office, for lunch with the girls, running errands, for dinner dates and so much more. It was specifically designed to fit and flatter most body shapes and sizes, making it perfect for any woman in search of a gorgeous top to add to her closet. The Tiburon Tunic is made with two eco-friendly fabrics, the organic cotton poplin keeps it crisp and the Modal® jersey makes it super comfortable. We love pairing this top with any of our ultra-comfortable, brand new Just Right Cropped Pants in the color Birch. 

Here at Stella Carakasi, we like to design styles that are easy for you to style and wear which is exactly why we created our new Just Right Cropped Pants. These easy-fitting bottoms feature comfort, stretch, and style all wrapped into one! They have a full elastic waistband (including belt loops) and boast many of the traditional tailored pant details. The Just Right Cropped Pants are made from a sustainable Tencel® blend which makes them wrinkle-free and ideal for traveling! Simply finish off this look with a pair of comfortable flats (like these stunning Everlane Italian Leather Day Gloves) for the perfect outfit, no matter what the day has in store for you!  

America’s favorite neutral 

We love a good denim top because it can be worn throughout the seasons and with practically any pair of bottoms you can think of! Our new Storyteller Tunic is our take on the classic denim button-up shirt. It’s crafted with silky soft Tencel® denim and is cut in an A-line silhouette which pairs perfectly with leggings. We love wearing our Storyteller Tunic in more casual settings like a lunch date, running errands, or a day out with friends. Pairing soft white pants with this top allows for a contrast between light and dark colors which makes for an easy outfit idea. And our Slimming Ankle Pants are a must-have for any denim or Navy outfit! These best-selling pants are made with a Tencel® blended Ponte knit which makes them extremely comfortable for all-day wear. They feature slimming style lines made to fit and flatter your curves. They also have a flat elastic waist to keep you comfortable and confident. These are ankle-length pants that look great with sandals, chunky heels, or flats!  

As the final touch, we recommend adding in a classic brown leather handbag for both function and fashion. The Sydney Crossbody Bag from Madewell is a great addition to any woman’s closet as it looks great with almost any outfit and is big enough to fit all of your essentials! 

The model is wearing a navy blue colored shirt and white colored pants.

Business casual

This next look is great to wear to the office and can even be dressed up for after-work activities or events! Start off with our Twice As Nice Shirt in Navy. This unique top features a stunning double-layer design that really elevates the traditional button-up shirt. Its high/ low hem was designed to be worn with your favorite leggings or pants. The Twice As Nice Shirt is made with a high-quality stretch organic cotton poplin which means maximum comfort and style. Like all of our poplin tops, we recommend pairing the Twice As Nice Shirt with flattering bottoms such as our Tencel® Criss-Cross Leggings in Soft White. Think of these bottoms as your upgraded version of your classic leggings. The soft Tencel® Ponte knit and well-thought-out seams will hug and flatter your curves in all the right places. Plus, the crisscross ankle design really takes these bottoms up a notch. For those chillier days, top this look with our Go To Cardigan in Soft White. This combed cotton and Modal® knit cardigan is perfect for those days when you just need an extra layer. The unique accordion design makes this cardigan stand out from the rest. Plus, it can be worn across many seasons and occasions!  

Dress it up

We also offer our Criss-Cross Leggings in organic cotton denim knit which is ideal for more casual days! These leggings are incredibly flattering with their well-thought-out style lines. Like our Tencel® Ponte Criss-Cross Leggings, these Denim Knit Leggings also feature the same criss-cross detail at the ankle. To take this look to the next level, try wearing a special top like our new Front Row Blouse. This style blends feminine and classy in the most fashionable way possible! While it may look like your classic button-up from the front, the beautiful back pleats take this top to a whole new level. This blouse can be dressed up with a pair of trousers or can be made casual with our Criss-Cross Denim Knit Leggings! To really tie the look together, we love applying a bit of Navy-blue eyeliner for a fun pop of color on the face. Our favorite Navy liner is the Bare Minerals Mineralist Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Sapphire which is a rich blue. Navy eyeliner is another way to have fun with your makeup look without having to go too bold!  

Wear anywhere, go everywhere!

For another chic and modern look, start off with our Wear Anywhere Shirt in Navy. This slightly oversized shirt is perfectly structured to instantly upgrade your wardrobe. It’s crisp, comfortable, and easy-fitting–AKA all of the attributes you want in a shirt! It features oversized breast pockets, side slits, a high/ low hem, and a drop shoulder long sleeve design that allows you to customize your sleeve length based on your personal preferences and outside temperature. The Wear Anywhere Shirt also layers great with cardigans and jackets! For a simple office look, pair the Wear Anywhere Shirt with our Slimming Ankle Pants in Soft White.  

Navy blue is a seasonless color that can be worn in so many different ways across all seasons!  Don’t overlook Navy blue, you will be happy to have this color in your closet. Most important of all, have fun with your color choices and wear what you feel most confident in!