Looks for Every Body

Vivian here reflecting on my recent trip to Paris and Spain. I brought half a suitcase full of clothes for a few of my friends (had to pay overage, oh well), and one comment in particular is still rattling around in my brain…

There were the, “oohs, aaahs, feels so great, makes me feel fabulous, I love these!”, but even more stunning was “It’s amazing that both you and I can wear clothes from the same collection!” It then hit me that we really don’t do a good enough job showing that Stella has styles that complement every woman’s shape. In other words, Stella has looks for everybody (or, every body)!

So starting this week, we’ll highlight looks from the Fall collection for each of the 5 main body types. What are these you might ask? Here’s a quick education on the categories we’re talking about… And mind you, this is not about trying to be like Barbie, but rather about identifying our body shapes so we can accentuate the positives!

Here are the 5 body types we’ll be addressing (or dressing :)) over the coming weeks. You may find that you are in-between, in which case you can apply these tips as you see fit (no pun intended):

Body Types

The Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders are wider than your hips, and your bust is fuller than your hips and bottom. You have little definition between your waist and hips. You wear a larger size on your top than on your bottom.

TIPS: Wear clothes that make your hips look broader. Details or anything that creates volume should be on your lower half. Keep your top half clean and uncluttered. Create the illusion of a waist with waist details like a wider belt.

The Rectangle

Your bust, waist and hip measurements have little definition.  You have a small bust, flat hips and bottom, and an average tummy. You wear the same size top and bottom.

TIPS: Create the illusion of a waist and keep your silhouettes uncluttered. Unstructured jackets that are gently shaped at the waist are ideal, and any styles that have hip and bottom details are good as long as they create gentle curves.

The Circle

Your narrowest point is above your waist at the ribs. You have an average to full bust, fullness in the tummy area, and a flattish bottom. You wear the same size top and bottom.

TIPS: Keep clothing straight and slightly fitted. Fabric should be soft to avoid unnecessary bulk around your bust, waist and tummy. All details should be above the bust line and below the hip line, and everything in between should be kept plain and simple.

The Triangle

Your shoulders are narrower than your hips. Your body is fuller at the hips and bottom and smaller on the top. You have a clearly defined waist. You wear a larger size on the bottom than your top.

TIPS: Wear styles that make your shoulders look broader. Details should be on your top half, so that your hips and thighs seem narrower. Your jacket and tops need to finish either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom.

The Hourglass

You are curvaceous, with a full bust, defined waist and full hips. Your shoulders are balanced with your hip width and you have a small waist. You wear the same size top and bottom.

TIPS: You should wear shaped and fitted lines that define your waist, enhance your bust, and highlight your hips and bottom. This shape is the most flexible when it comes to wearing different styles and shapes of clothing.

There’s more to come next week from Yarra with our Looks for Every Body! What questions do you have?

~ Vivian

About Stella Carakasi

San Francisco Bay Area designer, Stella Carakasi, features her women's collection at www.stellacarakasi.com and boutiques in the US and abroad. Stella explains, "My clothes are designed for women who value quality and practicality and are not afraid to be unique and a bit eclectic. They are confident, bohemian at times, and they like to make personal statements with their style. My clothes are not about age or body type, but rather about lifestyle." For customers in the SF Bay Area, join us at Stella Studio for community events, including trunk shows, sample sales, and fundraisers. Stella Studio is located adjacent to our Design House at 1370 10th St. in Berkeley, CA.
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  9. leslie usow says:

    great idea- thx

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