What should you wear this Fall when there are so many beautiful styles to choose from? At Stella Carakasi, we are eagerly anticipating more beautiful Fall clothes from Stella next week! New arrivals will include romantic felted lace coats and funky alpaca sweaters. I am plotting my wardrobe staples for the months of cooler weather to come…

But, before I get too overwhelmed with the possibilities, I always start with my accessories. We have many new accessories in-store at the Stella Studio, so there is much to choose from. They all go perfectly with the new Fall styles and are luscious and affordable to boot!


Jewelry for any budget.

Why are accessories the perfect place to start a Fall wardrobe?

1. I can wear accessories now while I plan my clothing purchases for the season. Besides, being in California, I do not have a need to bundle up yet, except for mornings and evenings!

Silk and Cotton

Indulge in handmade wearable art.

2. The easiest way to update a seasonal look is with a couple of new scarves, some great earrings, and three new garments to add to the weekly rotation.


Yummy colors at the Stella Studio!

3. If accessories aren’t your thing, you still need a great bag to go with your clothes. We have wonderful neutral and jewel tone bags to choose from in all sizes.


Fall knits & fall handbags. We love this time of year when all the fall styles arrive.

I can’t wait to highlight some of our new arrivals next week!

~ Yarra

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Fall: Arriving in Style


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