Celebrate spring with transparent layers. Tonal dressing accentuates soft silhouettes and architectural shapes in subtle ways. Wear tone on tone one day and then layer with black or other neutrals another day.


Outfit No. 1
Making Waves Tunic in Bliss $118.00
Incomparable Cropped Pants in Bliss $108.00
Meet Halfway Scarf in Bliss $74.00
Karine Sultan Necklace, Silver over Pewter $68.00

Outfit No. 2
Nonchalant Tunic in Haze $158.00
Take it Easy Sweater in Haze $140.00
Meet Halfway Scarf in Haze $74.00
Geranium Necklace, Silver Tone $36.00

Outfit No. 3
Freestyle Sweater in Aloe $170.00
Pencil Skirt in Black $98.00
Meet Halfway Scarf in Aloe $74.00
Marlyn Schiff Necklace, Multistrand $52.00


Tonal Dressing


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